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Year-ender - Jump Shots by KLEYYYYR

Meet Ms Photographer: Claire Dave D. Magos
Meet Ms Photographer - Claire Dave Ellis Magos

I've had a fair share of this trick here and I promised myself to follow those advises of photography experts but I still don't have the chance to do it but take a look at these photos:

Kiko, Clarence, Awesomedanlourd, ChinitaEyea on Year-ender... Jump Shots by KLEYYYYR
Eating on air

1.. 2.. 3.. JUMP!! on Year-ender... Jump Shots by KLEYYYYR
1.. 2.. 3.. JUMP!!

oh yeah!! on Year-ender... Jump Shots by KLEYYYYR
Oh YeaH!!

YES! Kayang-kaya ko pala!! on Year-ender... Jump Shots by KLEYYYYR
YES! Kayang-kaya ko pala!!

Sino kalaban ko... NOH?? on Year-ender... Jump Shots by KLEYYYYR
Sino kalaban ko... NOH??

Oh... Haaa!!  on Year-ender... Jump Shots by KLEYYYYR
Oh... Haaa!!

Ganito lng magYOGA...  on Year-ender... Jump Shots by KLEYYYYR
Ganito lng magYOGA...

Wag mo kong ITULAK... mahuhulog akooo!! on Year-ender... Jump Shots by KLEYYYYR
Wag mo kong ITULAK... mahuhulog akooo!!

Say CHEESE, bungisngis !! on Year-ender... Jump Shots by KLEYYYYR
Say CHEESE, bungisngis !!

Year-ender... Jump Shots by KLEYYYYR
GRABE naman ang EFFORT??

These snapshots were taken by Claire Magos, my 11-year old niece during our New Year's celebration at my parent's house. I thought JUMP SHOT is a difficult trick but for her, it's all about right timing despite the small space and low ceiling.


  1. all those photos looks so adorable! love all of their poses!!! Prng expert lng! x

  2. Shooting jump shots should be made from a lower angle to come up with a higher jump but it's still difficult doing it. You're nice have skills.

  3. Great Jump shot! There is a technique there only professional photographer knows that. Well maybe Kleyyrrrr is a professional photographer indeed.

  4. Shooting jumpshots are really addictive and tiring too if they can't get the perfect angle.

  5. wacky jumpshots hihi, nice shots! i do not know how to take a jumpshot honestly :)

  6. Back here and I'm still amazed looking at how well the jumpshots are taken.

  7. HangKulet! never tried jumpshots hahaha got an idea :)

  8. Happy New Year! Ang saya nyu dito. Ang kukulit! Hehe

  9. Your niece is good. She took great photos. I'm pretty sure you had fun shooting in New Year's Day

  10. Ayos sa okey, napasaya ako ng lubos sa mga larawan mo. Gusto mo bang magpa-draft sa PBA. dami akong kontak doon. Joke lang po.

  11. I never could nail jumpshots right - hence why I don't even attempt doing them :P (plus my face looks funny when I do try)

  12. Wow lovely photos! I'm sure you had lots of fun taking these shots!

  13. JUMP! Hahaha. You can see the laughter on each ones face. I love all the shots. Happy new year to you and your family! :)

  14. Jump shots have become a trademark of a lot of people wherever they are hehe :D

  15. saya!
    taking jumpshot requires a specific timing. Thankfully Ive learned the skill!
    You guys would be a great subject for subject for jumpshots, just need a little directing. ;)
    Understanding when to fully press the release button is the key

  16. Everybody seems to have fun doing those jump shots especially during the turn of the year. ^_^

  17. cute jump shots! jump shots - more fun when you're with your family!

  18. Jumpshot is an interest way of taking pictures! ang saya niyo

  19. hirap kaya kunan ng jump... hahaha... perfect timing. did someone get taller this year in your family? guess, we'll just wait and see... hehe... Yahweh bless.

  20. I just bouht my DSLR and hope to try this soon with my kids. Although I think one doesn't need a DSLR to do this, a "burst"feature in a digicam will do.

  21. You have skills to capture that kind of photo, love jump pictures

  22. Wow at how everyone can jump so high! You got great timing at clicking the camera too! :D

  23. Wow everyone is in the mood to get taller this year. You and your family seemed to have lots of fun doing this and taking photos. :)


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