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Sunrise or Sunset?

is this sunrise or sunset? photo caught by malulicious

I just wonder 
how to figure out
whether this photo is...
sunrise or sunset?
There's a million photographs
depicting sunrise and sunset
but up to now... 
I can hardly differentiate
which is which?
But needless to say 
either of the two
is magnificent sight 
to gaze upon.
Either of the two 
may change our mood...
from sad to happy or vice versa.
Nature at its best...
The sun and its blazing wonders
may hide for a while
but it will show up again...
 is another day.


  1. Same here but I guess it's a bit brighter for sunrise that sunset since it's the day saying goodbye at sunset and light saying hello on sunrise.

  2. I think either would evoke certain emotions depending on the mood of the viewer. The sunrise may depict of a new beginning for others and the sunset depicts end of hard times, but each person's preference varies.

  3. This post is mesmerizing. While it can be seen as a fair cross-section between both sunrise and sunset, I bet it's sunset.

  4. I had a hard time deciphering the photo for myself. But my gut tells me that it might be a sunset. :)

  5. it's quite hard, can you give me a hint, is it east or west? LOL... for me, it's sunrise. Yahweh bless.

  6. sunset .. seemed that the photo depicts an alluring color as its getting darker

  7. Great shot! Me too have a hard time to distinguish which is which. Hahahahaha....

  8. Probably the picture shown was taken at Sunset. Or I could be wrong.

  9. addicted talaga ako ke sunset or sunrise shots- ganda. truly mesmerizing!

  10. I can't really tell if its sunset or sunrise, but as you said "Either of the two may change our mood...from sad to happy or vice versa." :)

  11. I think that's more of a sunset, but it's not far from sunrise...hmmm,

    oh well, at least the sun's rising and still sets :))

  12. As a landscape enthusiast who normally takes photos of sunrise and sunsets,this look like a sunset to me, but better to be sure, we need the location. :D

  13. Since I fancy sunrise and sunset photos, this is sunset, since the tide seems peaceful and yung aura is orange in color, Sunrise kasi, reddish. But really its hard to tell . What I too am sure is tomorrow is another day. :)

  14. i love both though sunset is more romantic haha i always woke up late in the morning that i cant even see sunrise at all hihi love the post! xx

  15. i think it's a sunset simply because the color is darker

  16. May it be sunrise or sunset..
    Its the golden hour, so no one can tell which is which..
    Unless you try checking on the photos metadata, liek teh date and time it was shot.
    That goes technical.
    Great shot, with the sun's reflection in the water

  17. Very well put. Reminds me of my high school life when I used to write poems myself.

  18. Its sunset, the sun is white in early morning or light yellow close to white, it is sunset because it is more orange, the poem is great

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