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Grow Old With You

What does a marriage signify?

Is it a decision you made when you want a life beyond your fantasies... Is it a choice to live with someone totally not related to you but may mean your whole world? Is it a responsibility you have to take to make yourself worthier as a person and as an independent member of the society who has the ability to develop own productive family?  Or is it an obligation of your spirituality as a good child of God to reproduce an ideal image of humanity?

As I look back eighteen years of my married life, I realized that MARRIAGE is a continuous learning process. It has a beginning but it's like a RING that is endless. It's round like a circle with a center. It has a top and bottom part and may contain slices of different cuts depending on a couple's priorities.  It is a cycle that repeats itself... a sphere of eternal commitment.

Our Civil Wedding: January 18, 1995
Our Civil Wedding: January 18, 1995
Never have I experienced a grand wedding with all the extensive planning and sleepless nights... stress on the preparation up to the actual day of the occasion. Never have I walked down the aisle with a full entourage with flower girls spreading petals around and sponsors of high profiles. I only had my husband, my firstborn and the ring that bind us until now.

Our church wedding: July 18, 1998
Our Church Wedding: July 18, 1998
It was only three years after our civil marriage held January 18, 1995 that we decided to have our simple church wedding. I was conceiving with my second child while our eldest daughter was standing beside us witnessing the ceremony to unfold.

Ours is not a marriage made in heaven but a union made to share forever. May our Good Lord continue to bless us with His ever gracious hand and guide us in fulfilling our sacred vow of unconditional LOVE, RESPECT and LOYALTY to each other. May He grant us good health and ethereal strength to raise our children... provide for them and lead them to a righteous path.

Eighteen years of togetherness is quite a lot of reminiscing. I still remember all those FIRST TIMEs... they seem to be as fresh as they were then.

Indeed, there's yet a long road to travel with bumps and hurdles along the way but we have each other to endure those obstacles. 

And this is my renewal of vow to my husband ARIEL:

"Through thick and thin...
 through joy and pain... 
through sickness and health... 
I want to 



  1. Love when it last is a joy to watch and review all over again:)

  2. Another post about love! Ayyy ang saya magbloghopping lalo na't puro love ang topic :)

  3. super sweet!!! and I pray you live more in love forever and always! stay in love! :)

  4. It takes two to tango, marriage is just a beginning, im very happy with my married life and its so nice to see you happy and inlove after 18 years..!! keep it up!

  5. wow 18 years!! thats so long now!! nice to see those special moments of yours! xx

  6. I applaud your love as a married couple. 18 years has been a long time. I'm sure you will have plenty more to celebrate, for your love for each other definitely exudes. :)

  7. Again, every man wants to sing this song to her love one!

  8. Love that song, Grow old with You.. Yes marriage is a continuous learning process that offers hundreds of 'First'. Happy for you na you have reach your 18th year as husband and wife. May the good Lord continues to shower your relationship with abundant blessings.

  9. All I can say is that I am lucky that I am married to my husband, as they say swertihan ang pag aasawa. My husband is kind and understanding, and I love him for that.

  10. marriage is the union of hearts of two people that connects that willing to commit to the promise they made..

  11. No one will have a perfect marriage nor partner, the important thing is that spouses remain perfectly in tune with each other, regardless of shortcomings

  12. Living a married life for me is not game over, as what most people say.. life with my wife is certainly the best life i ever had!!

  13. lovely story. That's the best part of how they do the weddings before. It was simpler but full of meaning certainly. Congratulations on your 18th year. and they are lovely wedding pics. so nice to look back on. :) Cheers!

    I remember my mom's own wedding pix. they are B/W in thick photo paper as they were taken so long ago. I remember how amazed I was on their wedding cake when I was a kid. and fashion then, hahaha they will put Amy Winehouse to shame :)

  14. 18 years is really something to be proud off and here's hoping to 18 more years and beyond.

  15. Love and Valentine's Day is really in the air. May you guys live happily ever after :) Ang sweet nyo po!

  16. Marriage is one thing that shouldn't be taken for granted. It is something that you cannot just play around with. :)

  17. "Ours is not a marriage made in heaven but a union made to share forever."

    Some people are really lucky to be with the one person that they truly love. I remember this line from a movie/series "I dont want to get married. I want to be married with you." I hope one day, I'll have my own <3


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