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DELZETTE... Acierto Clan's Promising DUO

Every year, our clan celebrates Christmas Day with a blast. Every family should prepare something for entertainment. Actually, these presentations highlight the occasion. We have amateurs in the family and all of us look forward to watching a loved one showcase his/her hidden talents. 

My daughter Lizette loves to sing like me but she's far better singer than I am, I guess. My brother Danlourd do some music jamming with friends and he's so good as well. Days before our much anticipated reunion, I've been telling them to practice at least two songs but they were not able to rehearse even once. 

December 25, 2012 came and I thought we have nothing to share but they practiced the last minute and to our surprise... their performance was great! It was the very first time they did this duet and we truly enjoyed a lot. It was not that flawlessly executed because they read the lyrics of the songs. Maybe next time, they will need more practice to perfect this craft.

Their own rendition of
"Way Back Into Love"

Their version of
"Someday We'll Know"


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