Exchange Gifts on Christmas Parties

The spirit of Christmas is everywhere... at the malls, in the supermarkets, parks, on the streets and practically in every home. We feel an overflowing joy even through the simplest way of celebrating this special and highly anticipated time of the year.

Corporate offices, either private or government always hold parties before Christmas break. This is the perfect time for top management and employees to bond. It allows colleagues to get to know each other better. It is the best way to reward deserving staffs for a job well done and boost their morale or sense of belonging in the company..

Schools have this tradition as well. Faculty members usually prepare program to be participated by selected students. Every section holds Christmas party in respective classrooms.

What's so very special and exciting about Christmas parties is the exchanging of gifts... termed as Kris Kringle or most popularly known as Monito/Monita.

It's always been our clan's tradition to have a reunion every Christmas Day and one of the occasion's highlights is gift-giving. Every family will be called to distribute their wrapped presents or sealed ampao red envelopes. We also have games and presentations hosted by the member assigned for the year. Exchange gifts will never be out of the program of course.

Mye Domain - Exchange Gifts on Christmas Parties- my cousin Ochie and me
My cousin Ochie and me

Lizette Turns 18 - Candles and Toasts

Lizette Turns 18 - 18 Candles
Lizette Turns 18 -  18 Candles 

18 candles will be lit up by 18 of the debutante’s closest friends and relatives. Every candle symbolizes a year of her existence.  Each one will be a visible reminder of LIZETTE’s triumph over challenges in life… serves as eternal lamp that brings her optimistic view of the world she’s about to enter and a guiding light that gives her a sense of direction.

Lizette Turns 18 - 18 Roses and Their Symbolisms

18 roses will be handed to her by 18 dearest men in LIZETTE’s life. They will dance with her, one after the other with the tune of her most favorite romantic songs.

Now, let’s explore the richness of Rose’s meaning and its lush symbolism.

  1. BALANCE - to remain upright and steady

    Jobi  Bermudez
    - older cousin, a 4th year BS Information Technology student at STI, Concepcion, Marikina. He’s very close to Lizette even though they seldom get a chance to see each other. They can update their status via Facebook. They are often times being mistaken as BF-GF.

  1. FAITH – strong belief on something

    Janjan Bermudez - older cousin, a 4th year BS Information technology student at Polytechnic University of the Philippines. They go to the same University but rarely see each other in the campus but when their Tita Alice calls for a get together… it’s bonding time to the max.

  2. HONOR – high respect

    Kiko Bermudez - her youngest brother who is currently in Nursery at La Immaculada Concepcion School. He’s super excited to dance with her Ate and even practiced a number of times just for this most anticipated moment.

  3. DEVOTION – overwhelming affection

    Kd Bermudez - 3 ½ years younger than our debutant... is in 3rd Year High School at La Immaculada Concepcion School. He’s a 9Gag enthusiast. Being so telegenic and photogenic as well, he has been dubbed as good-looking guy with a killer smile. (Smile naman jan…)

Lizette Turns 18 - The Opening Prayer

Every milestone in life is a remarkable event... an occasion to celebrate and be grateful for. Nothing is worthier than appreciating God's blessings and praising Him everyday. Either in joy or sorrow, we close our eyes... kneel down to ask for guidance and utter our intentions.

The most anticipated day has come. November 16, 2013 marked the 18th birthday of my daughter.

As we shared a momentous night in her life, we offered a prayer to ask for the Holy Spirit to come upon us and bowed our heads in God's divine presence.

Opening prayer was delivered by Claire Dave Ellis Magos
Claire Dave Ellis

The opening prayer was delivered by:

Claire Dave Ellis Magos, younger cousin of our debutante, currently in 7th Grade at La Immaculada Concepcion School. Their closeness goes beyond being cousins because Lizette treats her like a baby sister.

Lizette Turns 18 - The Opening Prayer

"GOD of all creation, worthy of our praise, we are grateful for Your presence in this evening’s celebration of life. We thank You for this opportunity in bringing us together and share a glorious event that marks the 18th birthday of LIZETTE.

Oh Heavenly Father, You are the source of all our strength. May you bestow upon us Your Divine Grace. May You bring forth success in this night’s activities and guide us as we partake in this festive occasion.

Lizette Turns 18 - The Invitation

One of the most significant party essentials is the invitation. When I started to plan for my daughter's debut celebration, my major concern is to have it simple and budget-friendly yet I have to make sure that the event would turn out as elegant and sophisticated as possible. 

So, how did I manage to do both? Well, I just apply the principle of canvassing with the help of online inquiries that provide a wide variety of choices in party needs. I searched the internet and discover some good finds. I have to admit that going from one shop to another never crossed my mind since, it would indeed require much of my time and effort.

I considered taking the services of Hannah's Collection which happens to be an event planner at the same time. They made the alterations for the 2 gowns that my daughter wore during the party and the invitations as well.

We've seen different types of invitations from the most expensive to the simplest ones but my daughter preferred the latter. 

Take a look at her 3-fold Debut Party Invites:

Lizette turns 18 invitation

Some Age-Related Changes Before Reaching My Golden Year

My first ever reading glasses
My first ever reading glasses

Am I old already? Age is beginning to take over my system. These are the obvious reasons:

Firstly, I have to take one dose of 10mg Amlodipine Besilate for my asymptomatic hypertension...

Secondly, I have to color my hair to cover my increasing strands of grey hair...

Thirdly, I notice that I'm no longer mentally sharp. I easily forget things unlike before when I used to memorize my poems from start to end but now, I can hardly recall my own compositions.

Fourthly, I have to wear a pair of reading glasses now. Since I have vision problems that are congenital in nature as I discussed in this post, I thought my inability to see objects that are near or read small print is another eye defect. Well, it's not a disease but a natural occurrence that affects everyone as we reach certain age, called Presbyopia.

Oh my goodness... gracious!!

I can no longer deny the fact that I'm nearing to join the club of golden girls. Few more years and I'm going to experience hot flashes, night sweats and eventually I have to say goodbye to my monthly period and say hello to menopause. This change will cause a significant drop in my estrogen level and dryness comes next.

Oh my goodness again!!

Lucky me, I still look younger than my actual age but, for those who are wrinkle-prone, they hate to see their faces in the mirror. Some would engage in cosmetic surgery like face-lifting, collagen or stem cell treatment, botox and chemical peel just to look ageless and youthful.

As age adds up, we grow older but we have to keep an optimistic view in life. Every one of us will pass through these phases and changes. It's how we accept reality and how we perceive things that will affect our being, inside-out. We have to wake up every single morning with a big smile on our face.

Dealing with physical change brought about by age depends on each individual's acceptance. Cosmetic treatments and maintenance are costly that only few can afford. But having a happy heart will radiate from within that will give us everlasting beauty.

My Husband's Lover - Their Opinions and Mine

My Husband's Lover - Their Opinions and Mine
Lally, Eric and Vincent

What's the catch?

Is there a magic ingredient that spices up this complicated story of three people trapped in the name of love?

What made this the most talked about prime-time drama television series in the country today?

Premiered June 10, 2013.. "My Husband's Lover" (MHL) undoubtedly captured the hearts of many viewers of any gender. A lot of people can find themselves in the story because it does not only deal with relationship issues like sex and infidelity but also highlights the value of being with the family that accepts who and what you are no matter what.

An intriguing presentation of social realities involving the homosexuals and the gay community. The story is told from the perspective of the wife through an audio narration as the incidents unfold. It explains how did her past greatly affect the present and how will her present change her future.

Merry Month of June Part 3 - Belly-loaded Weekend From Buon Giorno to Icebergs

We're nearing the last days of July of 2013 but I still can't get over with June because of the special days it offered to the whole family. The first part was an awesome family bonding. You can read the whole story here and the second peg of celebration was a simple yet significant day for our bundle of joy... Check this out.

The eating never stopped until our bellies get loaded so, I'm pretty sure you have an idea about the title of this post.

Merry Month of June Part 3 - Belly-loaded Weekends - Buon Giorno's main entrance
Buon Giorno's main entrance
June 23, My PYE's BIG Day - Remembering our loved ones on their birthdays has been a tradition to many Filipinos. We may have grand celebrations or just a simple greeting will do.

Since my husband's special day was on a Sunday, we had a lunch at Buon Giorno Caffe and Bistro at the Rockwell Business Center, Ortigas, Pasig City ( beside The Medical City).

I think we were one of the first customers to come in at around 10 in the morning that day. By the way, thanks to my brother for dropping us there.

Buon Giorno is an Italian word that means "Good Morning" so the resto name itself is very inviting. 

My daughter and I just took our breakfast a little less than an hour so we still have to get our appetite back but when we laid eyes on that tender and flavorful marbled Rib Eye Steak (P598), meaty and tender pork Baby Back Ribs (P598) complimented with their special barbecue sauce, both with side dishes of mixed vegies and sliced potatoes... we just have to take a bite, NO... lots of bites. OMG!

HIV and AIDS - If you have these, would you mind coming out?

Image Credit

When we talk about this dreaded illness, first thing that comes to our mind is DEATH. Like the big "C", when someone is inflicted with HIV or the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, victims considered it a hopeless case and knowing the fact that there's still no cure, only maintenance medications that fight the virus.. makes it even more frightening... seemingly, there's no LIFE after AIDS.

HIV and AIDS are related terms but not the same thing:

HIV is the virus that attacks and weakens the immune system but can be controlled and managed. The virus is found in blood and sexual fluids that can be transmitted through unprotected sex encounters, sharing hypodermic needles and an infected mother to her unborn child.

AIDS is a condition developed when the body has been weakened by HIV. It's the final stage of infection. Today, this incurable illness is no longer considered a death sentence rather, a chronic manageable condition. The infected person becomes more vulnerable to common sickness. Modern treatment and healthy lifestyles can prolong the person's life.

Merry Month of June Part 2 - A Playdate and A Cake

Merry Month of June Part 2 - A Belly-Overload Weekend - Kiko's 4th birthday photos
Kiko's 4th Birthday photos

It's been a Filipino tradition to have pancit (birthday noodles) or spaghetti included in the menu served during birthdays because according to old folks, these long noodles symbolize long life and good health.

Since we are three celebrators of June... we have three separate birthday feasts. The first one was on:

June 20, Kiko's 4th Birthday - My husband and I fetched him from school. We had lunch at Jollibee with his classmate since Pre-nursery, Ashlyn along with her Mama Rose.

After eating their fave Jollibee foods - french fries with catsup and chickenjoy with rice for Kiko, rice mixed with gravy for Ashlyn... they played together for the first time and just enjoyed the small kids' playground. They would slide down a couple of times... go back and forth to the tube and small cubicles.

We could see the overwhelming joy in their faces. I super like the top photo showing these two playdates holding hands together. So CUTE! So NAIVE!

Not to forget, we bought a small cake for him and had it written a personal message. I thought, it would not fit the space but the staff was an expert that even our names were perfectly piped on the cake.

Razon's Pancit Luglug and their special halo-halo graced the ocassion. I also ordered one bilao of Bihon from my cousin's panciteria There was no party... I just shared these foods to family and close neighbors.

Blowing his birthday cake was more than enough for my toddler. It really made his special day.

First part of this post here.

Merry Month of JUNE Part 1 - Dinner at ABE Restaurant on Father's Day

There are 12 months in the calendar but June seems to be the most celebrated month of the year aside from December which is the most anticipated season... Of course, I'm talking about my family and some circle of relatives and friends who happen to jubilate this merry month of June as well. Belated greetings to all of them.

So, let me start the ball rolling...

At Coldstone and Larry's Cafe Bar
At Coldstone and Larry's Cafe Bar

June 16, Father's Day - We headed for Serendra, BGC, Taguig City for a family dinner. We arrived earlier than the scheduled reservation for some strolling around. 

We had to stop by for some refreshing ice creams for the youngsters and hot coffee for the oldies.

This was the first time after many years that we're almost complete. Everybody's present except for one who is yet to be an official member of the family and is currently based in New York City but was able to join us via face time. Sorry for Maki baby, our pet dog who unfortunately was left home alone...

Nevertheless, it's FAMILY BONDING to the max!! 

These photos just made every moment worthwhile. All smiles for a day full of fun and joyful togetherness.

The Day My Own LIFE Begins

"Two in a row, I toiled in vain.
Yet not a thorn to start again.
I'll search, I'll quest, I'll even cast...
So long the time allows this dream to last."

These last four lines are excerpts from my poem written in 1987. I thought I would never found someone who will embrace my past, present and future, until...

Just like any other boring day of the week, I still found myself sitting on that chair inside that seemingly boring office as well. Someone knocked at the door and before I got there to open it, a guy in a blue shirt entered only to ask me, "Nandyan ba si Amy?" (Is Amy around?) That was a brief glance. The very first time I laid eyes on him. It was 14 February 1994, more than nineteen years back.

That short meeting was followed by few more acquaintances and several talks on the phone. His voice struck me. Actually, that’s one trait I like most about him. He always had a way to surprise me. He often paid unexpected visits. He would come to the office all the way from Cavite where he was assigned, wearing that so familiar camouflage jacket... waited for hours until I finished my work for the day.

After almost two months of constantly dating, I formally accepted him. That was April 8 of the same year. I gave him a card... a card with two diamonds meaning he won over my heart because he got the highest one.

Francis Dan Riel, Also-Known-As KIKO

More than four years ago
I've never thought
that another baby would
be brought to the world...

Like most expectant mothers,
I already prepared a name for my upcoming baby.
 One name for a boy: Francis Dan Riel, derived from

Francisco - name of my father-in-law
Danilo - name of my father
Ariel - my husband's name

two selections for a girl: Karla Ariesa and Lourina Therese, originated from

Ariel and Theresa - my husband's name and mine
Lourdes and Marina - my mother's name and name of my mother-in-law

Since, we have already a daughter and a son, the baby's gender was no longer an issue to us. But my OB-Gyne recommended a pelvic ultrasound during my fifth moth of pregnancy. The fact that I was having pre-term labor, she would like to know the fetal size, check on the placenta and amniotic fluid. She wanted to determine what caused my abdomen to harden frequently.


Within a gravid uterus is a single fetal structure, presently in cephalic presentation with biparietal diameter of 6.0 cm, femoral length of 4.5 cm and abdominal circumference of 20.4 cm equivalent to 24 weeks 3 days, 24weeks 3 days and 24 weeks 6 days age of gestation, respectively. Real time scan show active somatic movement and vigorous cardiac pulstations with HR = 134 beat/min. Placenta is posterior, grade l maturity with no evidence of previa. Amniotic fluid is aduquate with AFV = 12 cm. EFW = 773 g.

Angelina Jolie on Breast Cancer - A Killer Disease

Angelina Jolie
Image Credit
"My doctors estimated that I had an 87 percent risk of breast cancer and a 50 percent risk of ovarian cancer, although the risk is different in the case of each woman. Once I knew that this was my reality, I decided to be proactive and to minimize the risk as much I could. I made a decision to have a preventive double mastectomy." (Source)

Hollywood's highest paid actress and often cited as the world's "most beautiful" woman, Angelina Jolie opted to lose her two breasts rather than lose her life to breast cancer. The decision was made upon learning that she carries a mutation of the BRCA1 gene or breast cancer susceptibility gene, which sharply increases her risk of developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

They Go GAGA over Candy Crush Saga

Mye Domain's They Go GAGA over Candy Crush Saga - My daughter just started to play Candy Crush Saga
My daughter just started to play Candy Crush Saga

Beating the record of any video games in smartphones and Facebook is's Candy Crush Saga... the most played by almost 10M people everyday, most popular game overtaking Zynga's Farmville 2 and Texas HoldEm Poker  with more than 10M downloads, over 30M likes on its application page and most successful game application listed in the top 5 grossing iPhone and iPad apps. It presently holds a record of 55M times played a day across Android and iOS.

The game was released 14 November 2012 and for a span of only 18 months, has become the second largest game developer in Facebook platform.

A Bunch of KIKO's First Times at MICA's 7th Birthday Party

My youngest son, Kiko is turning four next month and he seems to be older than his age. He can be a strict leader in a platoon of kids in the neighborhood or even a lenient ambassador of goodwill who always wants to share his favorite toys. He's naive and jolly... a little naughty but witty.

His social, physical and mental development improve tremendously... that's when he attended pre-nursery classes. He can play alone without my presence and is able to deal independently with little nuisance caused by other kids.

He got a lot of "first times" in his growth timeline and I was there in every step of the way. I may not document everything but I wish to record some significant ones.

And now, behold his first ever experience to attend a 7th birthday celebration of his cousin, Mica last May 18 at Palmdale Heights Condominium activity center in Pinagbuhatan, Pasig City.

MyeDomain's  A Bunch of KIKO's First Times at MICA's 7th Birthday Party / His first time to wear a semi-formal attire  with face paint and mohawk hairstyle
His first time to wear a semi-formal attire 
with face paint and mohawk hairstyle

It's Fun Playing in the Rain

Yesterday afternoon,
 I saw an overwhelming joy in his face 
when he finally felt 
the rain dropped over his head. 

MyeDomain's It's Fun Playing in the Rain / Kiko's first time to play in the rain
Kiko's first time to play in the rain

Due to climate change, our weather seems to be more unpredictable. We experience extreme heat nowadays and occasional rain showers at the same time...

The sky may be bright blue in the morning but suddenly it turns cloudy in the afternoon then heavy rain falls.

GREAT time to have fun under the tearful sky...

The first rainfall of May is said to be the start of the the rainy season but the weather is expected to be more sun than clouds for the next few weeks.

The Shadow Chasers

These photographs were captured during my siblings' trip to Kahuna Beach Resort and Spa, in San Juan , La Union, Philippines last April 20, 2013. See how the magnificent beauty of the beach played with the setting of the sun.

Sharing these awesome shots taken by the shadow chasers...

MyeDomain's The Shadow Chasers / reaching out my dreams freely
Reaching out my dreams freely

MyeDomain's The Shadow Chasers / almost circling the sunset
Almost circling the sunset

MyeDomain's The Shadow Chasers / almost circling the sunset
Alone under the yellow sky

MyeDomain's The Shadow Chasers / catching up with my fate... open arms
Catching up with my fate... open arms

Every photograph depicts something about life... how it is being traveled... how it is being put to the test. But memories will somehow live through every image caught by the lens and will linger as long as it is seen by our eyes.

Las Farolas, The FISH World - Part 2

Two days after the anticipated inaugural, we had the chance to see this one of a kind aquatic world. My husband and I along with our three children headed to Las Farolas to experience how it is to be inside the so called labyrinth-like fish museum with mysterious pathways.

Pye paid for our admission fees : 2 adults for  P800.00 and 3 discounted student-rates for P900, a total of P1,700.00 for an exciting tour inside the amusement center that showcases ornamental freshwater fishes bred from captivity to prevent some species from extinction due to natural adversity and indiscriminate human acts.

MyeDomain's Las Farolas, The FISH World - Part 2 / Pye at the payment counter
Pye at the payment counter

As we enter the oceanarium, we were welcomed by friendly usherettes. According to them, we're the second group of visitors who came that morning of April 26.

Is Spanking Our Kids Effective or Abusive?

Let me first define what spanking is:

- A single or a number of slaps in a child's bottom using an open hand as means of punishment for a misbehavior. It may involve the use of any implement like rod or belt instead of a hand.

Spanking is as old as our forefathers
Spanking is as old as our forefathers (photo link)

Were you spanked during your childhood? If you were, are you a better person now? If you are a parent, do you use spanking as a form of punishment to get through to your children?

I am a mother and I would never want to hurt my kids in any way as much as possible but there are occasions that I have to establish authority and implement discipline. My husband and I set some house rules that must be strictly observed. Our children are well aware of those regulations and they know the consequences if ever they misbehave.

Las Farolas, The FISH World - Part 1

MyeDomain's Las Farolas, The Fish World-Part 1_facade
Las Farolas facade 

LAS FAROLAS or lighthouses in English was opened to public last April 24, 2013. An oceanarium, first of its kind in the world, that showcases different freshwater fishes, located at Frontera Verde, Barangay Ugong, Pasig City, Philippines. It is a man-made haven intended to preserve and protect aquatic resources that are being threatened by extinction because of climate change or global warming and technology advancement in economy and industry leading to the destruction of their natural habitat.

When Kids Suffer From UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)

Mye Domain's When Kids Suffer UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)
My KIKO when he's around 2 year old

Kids are prone to infections due to environmental factors, hygiene, activities such as playing and more often food intake.

Their immune systems are yet to mature. They are not exposed to as many bacteria and virus so they don't develop the antibodies that will fight those microorganisms. Although they have natural anti-bodies which are received through the placenta when they were born, they may acquire illness any time.

"When a baby is born, it has certain antibody-like proteins called immunoglobulins, which it has received through the placenta. Another very important one is received from its mother after it is born.

This immunoglobulin is called IgA and is present in the colostrum, the first part of mother's milk. It places itself on the mucus membranes of the baby's alimentary canal in order to help fight the bacteria that can cause gastroenteritis.

Babies do not start to produce their own IgA until around 6 months of age. By their first birthday they have between 15-17% of their adult level." - SOURCE

Ser Chief and Maya... Now Blooming Romantically in Be Careful With My Heart

Ser Chief and Maya... Now Blooming Romantically in Be Careful With My Heart
Photo source

I am going crazy over this noon-time teleserye (TV series) and who would not? Well, maybe those who never care to watch fairy tale stories like straight macho men and women in high society...

Some would say it's "corny" (uncool) but whatever comments, either GOOD or BAD... I don't really care because, I know I'm not alone in this KILIG MUCH moment with Ser Chief (Richard Yap) and Maya (Jodi Santa Maria).

Now, taking their relationship to the next level makes it more exciting to watch everyday but I prefer seeing the full episode in iWantv, because there's no commercial interruption and I want to savor every detail of their blooming SLOW but SURE romance.

Kurt Dariel, My Second Child

KD, my second child
KD, my second child
Harder than a Diamond
Like most couples, my husband and I went through some conflicts in our early years of marriage. There were times that resolving our differences were far from happening because of immaturity and selfish behavior.

Being the eldest in my family and he, being the youngest made us clash at some point. I could hardly adjust to the nature of his job and living up to each others expectations seemed to contribute a lot of pressure. But we somehow survived these difficulties because we both had a common goal of making our marriage work.

We had our civil wedding in January 18 of 1995 and decided to renew our vows after 3 1/2 years with a simple church matrimony... so simple that no entourage was needed to grace the ceremony. It's important for both of us to be joined together and blessed by the holy sacrament of marriage witnessed by our closest family and friends.

Age Gaps Between Siblings

My three kids ages 17, 13 and 3 (based on their last birthdays)
My three children ages 17, 13 and 3 (based on their last birthdays)
With three growing children in the house ages - seventeen, thirteen and three... life is not a piece of cake. Each of them holds a different personality and mood. They may have some traits in common like being playful and naive but their age gaps never put me and my husband in a tight spot.

My eldest is 4 years older than my second while my youngest has a 10-year age difference with his kuya (older brother)... quite a big difference.

Although their age intervals are considered ideal in the concept of family planning... I make sure that their individual needs and interests are being attended fairly to avoid conflicts.

I always teach them the value of respect... that, it is not forcibly given but instinctively earned... that, if they know how to respect others, they will be respected in return- the golden rule.

Research shows that sibling rivalry tends to be at its strongest when the age gap between children is around two years, which has much to do with child development issues.

A Mother's Story... A Painful Struggle

a mother's story
Photo Link

Maundy Thursday
MYE's Viewing Time
on the SCREEN... a heartwarming movie

A Mother's Story

Pokwang as Remedios "Medy" Santos
Xyriel Manabat as Queenie Santos
Rayver Cruz as King Santos
Nonie Buencamino as Gerry Santos
Beth Tamayo as Helen
Ana Capri as Celia
Jaime Fabregas as Edgar
Aaron Junatas as Young King
K Brosas as Neneng
Daria Ramirez as Choleng
Caitlin Cummings as Cherry

Medy portrayed by Pokwang, is a makeup artist of a popular concert star, who later on chose her as a personal make-up artist in a concert tour in the United States for a week. She's a mother of two- a son, (Aaron Junatas, and later, Rayver Cruz), and an infant daughter with a jobless husband, (Noni Buencamino).

Comments are Valuable... Don't Just Say Anything, Say Something

I was busy with my laundry yesterday so I had to leave my online tasks for a while. But thanks to my hubby for giving me a mobile phone smart enough (actually, it's the most techie phone I've ever had so far) to let me peep on my FB account, read some emails and check out my two blogs.

I must admit, comments particularly posted on my blogs are very important because, they somehow motivate me to write more quality contents, cool articles and beautiful poetry. Aside from being acquainted with other people and absorbing their kind and sometimes critical words, I learn something from my readers as well.

The Passion of CHRIST... Remembered

JESUS with his Crown of Thorns
JESUS with his Crown of Thorns (Source)

Many believed but others dare not
that this one man named JESUS
had died in the crucifix,

The story was told and Christians were born
to spread the gospel
that GOD sent His only son
to redeem the world.

Two thousand years had passed
his death is never forgotten.
The Passion of Christ
still brings varied interpretations.

There's No Place Like HOME... Nobody Can Make Us Happy Other Than Our FAMILY

My hubby at Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon
My hubby at Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon

These wheels can take me
to a wondrous place on Earth
But there's no other spot
that will ever thrill me...
like my


where everything is just
breathtaking and mind-blowing! Is Now on Track logo

The last few days of February had been terrible due to my family's battle with contagious URTI (upper respiratory tract infection). We were all sick and the least that I can do ONLINE is to LIKE and SURF.

When I felt a bit OK... I got the chance to update some of my online tasks and was able to successfully transfered my GoDaddy domain to my blogspot site, 8 March 2013, after having tried a number of times... It was a TRIAL and ERROR, because I have no idea about how it's done like the technicalities... fortunately, all my hard works paid off by the kind help of google of course.

Kids of Today

Kids of today-techie toddler

Technology gives way to a different level of stimulating children's awareness to new and exciting electronic games. Certainly, Internet provides them with useful tools to learn valuable educational skills in just one click of a mouse. But then, such quick access on collective knowledge made available in the Internet, somehow creates anxiety amongst children who always want something different ... something new. They expect more.

PROM Nights Are Here Again

Prom Night is the most awaited date in a teen-ager's calendar and sad to say yours truly, had never experienced such a momentous event in my high school life but my daughter did.

February 26 of last year, Lizette had their Senior Prom Night at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. She wore a one shoulder strap jade-green colored gown beaded on the waist. Simple and inexpensive but the dress perfectly fitted an equally simple yet charming young lady.

Her anticipation might not that high but I was sure then that she looked forward to this night because it's her first time to attend a formal event like this and she would be partying with her closest friends and classmates. This was indeed a night to remember.

Her hair and make up done
Her hair and make up done

Another Glimpse of Coron with Awesome Captures

These are some of the magnificent snapshots captured by awesomedanlourd in the majestic island of Coron in Palawan. I was so amazed by these shots so, I decided to share them with my readers.

Although I have never tried exploring the place yet (but I know someday, I will)... I've almost completely embraced its beauty just by looking at these photographs.

What a captivating natural attraction Coron, Palawan truly is!!!

The Other Side of the Fence by awesomedanlourd
The Other Side of the Fence

VIRUS... VIRUS... Go Away


One of the common viral illnesses nowadays is URTI or Upper Respiratory Tract Infection. My hubby started it all and I was afraid that all of us might catch these disease-causing organisms and it worried me.

But days after, my daughter and youngest son begun to show signs and eventually infected by the same virus. They suffered from high fever so, my husband and I decided to bring them to the clinic and have them checked. The doctor prescribed antibiotics and advised them to have at least 4-day complete rest.  They skipped school for almost a week. I just hope my second son will  not be affected  but I am now experiencing the same symptoms.

The Almighty GOD

mye domain's photo, the almighty GOD

We have our mind to acquire 
and share knowledge
We can only discover, invent, innovate
We can only utilize resources available... 
tangible or not
We can only do our best...
our abilities have limitations

Tiendesitas' PETS for Sale

TIendesitas' PETS for Sale 1

They are innocently waiting
for someone to come and take them.
They are patiently staying
inside their temporary shelter.
They seem to be aloof
to a stranger's touch...
until they are being handed over 
to their respective commanders.

My Daily Routine


Waking up with a list of tasks to undertake
has become a daily regimen.
These must be performed
otherwise... everything will pile up
and if chores accumulate...
the BIG "S" (stress) will take over my system
and my asthma attacks will follow.
This is a chain reaction and I have no
other better alternative but
to get things done and over with.
My work place starts in the bedroom,
then in the kitchen, dining, living, bathroom
practically.. all around the house
or even out like in school, bank, supermarket and drugstore.
I still have online activities
that need my attention as well.

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?


How do you differentiate music of yesterday and songs of this new millennium?  How do OLD and NEW songs influence human race and affect the lives of people from every generation?

My son, who is currently in second year high school, asked me about a particular song by Peter Paul and Mary entitled "Where Have All the Flowers Gone". Actually, I have no idea about the song except for the knowledge that it's an old song sung by an old classic group. He searched it in YouTube  and played.

So, what's the point in being curious with this more than five decade song? Well, it's an Asian History assignment and Kurt will make a reaction paper on this. I only shared some of my views about the song and my own interpretation but apparently, I found myself searching the internet and this is what I found:

Where Do You Want to GO?

Is he going to play basketball or is he running on the track?

What do you think this kid wants to do?
Is he going to play basketball or is he running on the track?

In LIFE...
Sometimes, it's really difficult to choose 
which PATH to take
when we are left with no other choice...
Which way should we go?
Right or left... straight or crooked?
It's never easy to live
a life that is flawless and untainted.

Happy HEART's Day !!!


February 14...
a special day for couples in love
young and old, man and woman
Whatever race or language
LOVE can be understood without uttering any word.

Where Do You Get Your Mineral or Purified Drinking Water?

Mineral water from a reputable refilling station
Contaminated water from a reputable refilling station

Decades before, households used to get drinking water only from the faucet but the water produced by the traditional water supply systems holds impurities so the demand for water refilling stations that provide distilled and purified water is relatively high nowadays.

Another source for clean and safe drinking water are water purifiers or filters but the price is quite expensive. For this reason, private entrepreneurs offer cheaper and more convenient alternative for public consumption. Bottled water from refilling stations are now a household necessity.

UNHEALTHY Signs of Being In LOVE

So... You are truly, madly, deeply in love with someone. You're now experiencing the feeling of so much joy and unexplained happiness to be with the LOVE of your LIFE.

But where will this relationship go if some things dwell into wrong places... create chaos instead of worthwhile memories?

We all must learn somehow. If you are currently involved with someone, be cautious about some signs of an unhealthy relationship. These are indications that you love in the wrong way:

  • Your heart is more perceptive than your mind. The senses are being blocked by an overwhelming emotion.You can be blind, deaf and mute. You are solely focused to one person and you are insensitive to others who need your utmost care and attention. You don't seem to listen and communicate effectively.  The only word you know is LOVE and the only action you want to do is expecting things to unfold as you wish. This should not be the case. Your mind should be the ARMOR that shields your body because it protects the HEART from being struck by pain.
  • Your world seems to revolve around this person that you almost forget your life's priorities. There are more to life than just offering your precious time to only one person and ignoring your responsibility as a productive member of society. The world is an expanse of opportunities to explore and keeping one self in one corner and breathing the same air is boring.  It's always better to be INDEPENDENT and FREE.
  • Your fantasy is overpowering reality. Wake up!! Love is not always a bed of roses. It's not always a fairy tale with happy ending. It may be the greatest gift of sharing one self to another but if you cannot handle it properly... it's too fragile that once it's broken... it may break you into pieces as well. That would be traumatic. Don't ever be in loved with love. You may only be drowning yourself in oblivion.
  • Your obsession can kill your own sanity. A painful trial in a relationship can make an intelligent mind to lose good judgement. If one is being enslaved by love... nothing can come between... not even death. Some commit  crimes of passion or senseless suicide. There are reasons why things happened so one should keep a healthy mind to think positively. Never let failures control you.
  • Your love is more than what you have to give. Loving yourself seems to be flowing down the drain. You are selflessly devoted and dependently involved that you never mind having low esteem... full of insecurities. Never give your ALL... leave something for yourself.
  • Your trust is not 100 percent but your doubts are over-the top. How can you make a relationship work if you lack faith in your partner? Every time you see and feel something that's unusual, your apprehensions go wild as if every word that comes out is a BIG LIE! If you don't change... you will truly mess up and the relationship will eventually lead to an untimely separation.

Are these the reasons why our HEAD should be higher than our HEART? We are blessed with both body parts to balance our decisions in life. We have to be rational to express our emotions yet we also have to be firm to make our stand. AVOID these negative traits to have a LOVE EVERLASTING

True Friends are Hard to Find and Will Never Leave You No Matter What

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An overused statement involving relationship with friends and acquaintances either new or old. We live in a society where we meet people everyday. Somehow, we touch their lives or they touch ours. Some of whom  may become our close friends yet there are few who simply say "HI" and say "GOOD BYE" after a while.

I believe that for a friend to be considered REAL are those who never leave us in times of difficulties especially when we are troubled with problems... financially or emotionally.   We tend to appreciate the friendship more if they are willing to share their presence and care to listen... just be there to listen.

Trust is earned not given. This same trust will strengthen the relationship. It grows through the years of unselfishly offering a part of one self  for the happiness of others.

When is friendship being tested? This is a question of what goes wrong... or who faltered. Once a glass is broken, it cannot be fixed. There's a mark of betrayal and dishonesty.

How Clean are the Utensils You Use When You Eat Out?

It's always a delightful experience to dine out and indulge in some good food especially when you're not even prepared for your menu for the evening or any mealtime of the day. You're starving for a certain dish that you want to try outside your kitchen. 

There are high class restaurants that cater to those equally high class customers but there are a lot more dining places where any ordinary people can afford. We all quench for new delicacies and as much as possible, taste every scrumptious food available but do you ever mind checking the utensils you use every time you eat out?

Sunrise or Sunset?

is this sunrise or sunset? photo caught by malulicious

I just wonder 
how to figure out
whether this photo is...
sunrise or sunset?
There's a million photographs
depicting sunrise and sunset
but up to now... 
I can hardly differentiate
which is which?

Tita Malu... Their SANTA TITA

Christmas gift giving from SANTA tita
Christmas gift giving from SANTA tita

Tita Malu, as her beloved pamangkins (nieces and nephews) fondly call her.. is not only a generous aunt but a very thoughtful tita as well. She never fails to treat them for latest 3D movies, go shopping, dine out or just have a nice sip of tall or grande Starbucks's Mocha Frap.

She's my younger sister, our family's most eligible bachelorette, highly career-oriented but with an undeniably soft heart. Her pamangkins always take advantage of her available time and whenever they get that chance, they just enjoy hanging out with their favorite Tita Malu.

DELZETTE... Acierto Clan's Promising DUO

Every year, our clan celebrates Christmas Day with a blast. Every family should prepare something for entertainment. Actually, these presentations highlight the occasion. We have amateurs in the family and all of us look forward to watching a loved one showcase his/her hidden talents. 

My daughter Lizette loves to sing like me but she's far better singer than I am, I guess. My brother Danlourd do some music jamming with friends and he's so good as well. Days before our much anticipated reunion, I've been telling them to practice at least two songs but they were not able to rehearse even once. 

December 25, 2012 came and I thought we have nothing to share but they practiced the last minute and to our surprise... their performance was great! It was the very first time they did this duet and we truly enjoyed a lot. It was not that flawlessly executed because they read the lyrics of the songs. Maybe next time, they will need more practice to perfect this craft.

Their own rendition of
"Way Back Into Love"

Their version of
"Someday We'll Know"

MAKI and DAVE... training with a treat

This is Maki showing up obedience
to his trainer Dave

According to experts, there are two types of training your pet dogs and it should be done IMMEDIATELY as soon as your cuddly canine is so ready as well.

Grow Old With You

What does a marriage signify?

Is it a decision you made when you want a life beyond your fantasies... Is it a choice to live with someone totally not related to you but may mean your whole world? Is it a responsibility you have to take to make yourself worthier as a person and as an independent member of the society who has the ability to develop own productive family?  Or is it an obligation of your spirituality as a good child of God to reproduce an ideal image of humanity?