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MMK's Official Episode for World AIDS Day... "Pulang Laso"

Photo Source For me, this is one of the BEST of Maalaala Mo Kaya . I was not able to watch the full episode when it aired last December 1. I got a quick glance on the last part and was moved by the story so I have to see it online as soon as I have the chance. When I went to my Mom's house the following day, my sister was already watching it through her laptop connected to the LCD TV. Good to have modern technology... we can make this thing possible. The story is about two bisexual lovers who found themselves trapped in a situation when only HOPE, UNDERSTANDING and TRUE LOVE will conquer their FEAR of losing and living a future with the illness that caused their relationship to an untimely end. We were all in tears while the story unfolded. The musical scoring made it more dramatic and deeper. IKAW AT AKO by Johnoy Danao .