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Her 17th Birthday

Aya when she was barely a month old Back in February 5, 1995, I was rushed to Garcia General Hospital because of abdominal cramps and continuous bleeding. "Oh my God!" I uttered in silence. I couldn't believe that I was in ER and a male doctor immediately provided initial examinations on me. The attending physician told my husband that I had to undergo a surgical procedure called  D & C or Dilation and Curettage  because of the abnormal uterine bleeding that I was experiencing. So the operation was carried out as recommended but with my husband's doleful consent. I was put in general anesthesia and after few hours I woke up lying on that hospital bed with my husband at my side. We lost our first "gem" and it was such a heartbreaking event in our marriage. But I know that everything happens for a reason. Our desire to have another child would come in due time. The doctor advised me to take full rest after that medical procedure to avoid possible