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Health Risks in Kissing Your Beloved Pets

my niece dave and our beloved shih tzu maki How do you show affection for your beloved pet like your fave dog? This is one big question that pet owners should be aware of. We can hug them, why not? It's our way of showing our unconditional love for these precious canines. By cuddling our pets, they feel secure and protected and there's nothing wrong in doing so. They are still man's BFF (best friend forever). We can also    play with them for as long as we are cautious about their moods. They may also feel stressed sometimes. But, one thing we should not practice is to kiss them directly in the mouth. Even a quick smooch can be an unexpected transmission of some sort of infections from the dog's saliva. Even if the dog or any pet for that matter is always clean, well-groomed and healthy. Dogs are fond of licking their bottoms and this will mean fecal matter may stay on their mouth.