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Aedes Aegypti, Causing Deadly Dengue Fever

My sister, Mahlen had an ON and OFF fever for days. She thought that it's only a sign of over fatigued or flu so she just took doses of paracetamol to lower her temperature.  But she experienced muscle pains and severe headache then suddenly rashes came out when her fever rapidly dropped.  That's when she decided to consult a doctor and had her blood examined for possible infection of the Dengue virus. My sister's leg rashes Since the first laboratory result dated Sept 26 indicates a lower platelet count, she was not confined in the hospital. The doctor said that she may stay at home and re-hydrate or keep up oral liquid intake. Although her NS1  was positive, the two variables below still showed negative results so there's nothing to be alarmed about. But then, she took another test the following day to monitor her platelet count. Fortunately, it raised from 182 to 186. Good enough but still required more re-hydration. The physiological range for platele