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K-Zone turns 10

Who wouldn't know this kid magazine? Even adults especially parents grab a copy of this for their children to enjoy. K-Zone is the biggest and most popular kids' magazine in the Philippines published by Summit Media . It caters to kids and young adults ages 8 to 16. They are called the K-Zoners who love bright, colorful and entertaining reads. KZ as it's commonly abbreviated, was first released in October 2002. It has Australian, New Zealand and Malaysian versions but the content of Philippine Edition is almost the same though it's more on gaming, anime, international and local celebrities. Almost every page is loaded with kids' stuff like newest cartoons, movies, latest gadgets, crafts, video games, wrestling, puzzles, comics, jokes and a lot of exciting but friendly and knowledgeable articles. K-Zoners love it because it kills their boredom, it makes them laugh and stimulates their sense of being young and free.

BEAUTIES Caught by Her Lens

LONDON, the biggest city in Europe with the highest population density of 4,699 per square kilometer.  This capital city of England is the very first city in the world to have an underground railway, also known as the TUBE. It is where every aspect of learning is strengthened like commerce, arts, entertainment, fashion, education, finance, media, professional services, tourism and transport that make it the leading global city and financial center alongside New York City. Being the most visited place in the world, it has the largest airport system. The home of  the English Sovereigns, the Buckingham Palace is the official London residence of the Queen of England and principal workplace of the British monarch. Aside from the many attractions of the city, take a glimpse of these photographs captured by my sister, MALU. GREEN on the way CIRCLES over the top TRANQUILITY reigns FLICKER of white light SHADOW on-looker WRINKLED surface