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Her Chinita Eyes

Barely no make-up. Her CHINITA eyes are so expressive of her character... small, slant, and pointed. Those chinky eyes are too attractive not to be noticed Yet too sharp not to be taken for granted. Don't dare try to gaze upon her... You will be enchanted... magnetized and may be left thinking about her smile. Her vision is imperfectly focused though a flicker of brilliance somehow sparkle like a vibrant stone. A total look of allurement rise before her own  reflection... resonating simple grace like a flower in full bloom. Fresh... young... and fragile. those CHINITA eyes are whimsical for the moment until an amiable glare of a prince catch her unwittingly. If only time would allow these eyes to turn like these childish ... so naive and innocent. But no past is coming back... these CHINITA eyes will look ahead and take a view of the future.