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QUIT now or REGRET later

Despite several campaigns innumerable advocacy regarding  smoke-free environment Needless to say.. the danger it brings to  human lives and nature Getting addicted to nicotine... puffing here and everywhere still exist. WHY?? A matter of choice whether you want to light up that STICK to inhale the very  CAUSE  of countless illness  or  take the first step in  QUITTING. MIND over MATTER Forget about it being the source of your strength in coping stress and daily annoyance. If you love yourself and family, you can win the BATTLE. If you still consider it your  COMPANY to loosen up and be free... it's yours to ponder. I am speaking for myself... Now, it's DONE and over with Easier said but I know others may take a while to even contemplate on the idea of giving up. This is a DECISION to make... it's YOURS to make.