Close Encounter With The Third Kind

Why do some people prefer something different? We all have choices to make. We are born with own distinct identities and as we develop into an adult capable of knowing and reasoning, we are exposed to an environment with extremely wide variety of values, social norms, rules of conduct, customs and practices. As human beings, we have the desire to understand every aspect of the world we live in. Our natural curiosity of the many things around us will lead us to defining our own self and bring us to a journey of limitless exploration.

Who are we? What are we? These questions now lie beneath the realm of self individuality.

The discussion of gender preferences are predominantly articulated for centuries by philosophers, religious leaders and writers. From ancient times to today, there is a countless and diversity of opinions regarding the theories of engaging to same gender relationships. Understanding the world that is far different from the ordinary demands openness of mind and full acceptance of the fact that we all have the same right of existence... To live life as how we desire to live it.

In our society where this kind of unusual set up seems to contradict our beliefs, we tend to condemn or dishonor the state of being or the act itself but who are we to pass judgement on those people who have done nothing wrong but to be the person they are? Who are we to discriminate and deprive them of equal rights? Nobody lives a faultless life... We, normal beings are susceptible in making mistakes that we regret afterwards. Understanding the core of their being is complicated and it requires our utmost comprehension.

There may be some scientific evidences which explain the causes of this kind of behavior. Some studies showed that involving one self to same gender union is more of an identity crisis. A child before the age of 10 may experience either extreme affection from family or somehow, emotionally distant to any member may trigger a sense of emptiness. Some childhood displeasing encounters may also contribute to its existence. Whether it is the mind that stimulates the urge or it's the desire of the body that needs to be satisfied is beside the point. The ability to think and act according to our conscience may draw the line and can resolve the need for affirmation and belongingness.

Some studies also showed that neither it be genetically transmitted because of insufficient biological explanations nor an inborn characteristic that has been stimulated by various factors. If for some, it's not innate but acquired. In my opinion, it's more of a choice.

We live in a society where people seem to be judgmental. We look at other's imperfections and we are blinded by our own defects. What is more important is how we carry ourselves. We have the freewill to take any road... crooked or straight. What really matters is we are determined to be the "best" person we can be.  

We cannot discount the fact that those people we seem to reject are those who dominate the scene, may it be in the business world, music, arts or entertainment industry, politics and even beyond our knowledge (those still in self-bondage). Some are famous and notable icons yet there are some who disgrace their own specie. These people are clear indications of images of self destruction.

In this writing, I use the terms of  "gender preference" or "intimate orientation as desired", because I respect them as I respect myself and others. I believe that the word which make it sinful is the very word that most people used to describe it.

I still hold on to my belief that... "It's not what I say that matters, it's how I say it."

What seems uncommon to some people may be just fine to others. that's how our mind works so we better think more sensibly.