Meet my DAD

my daddy playing his favorite game

Some TRIVIA about this man I called Daddy
He's birthday falls on the twenty-fifth.

As early as eighteen... he had to elope
Just because he kissed my Mom on the cheek.

He never finished studies in Mapua
Never had a college degree.

Had to work for a living... and tried overseas
His father never favored his fate.

But being the pillar of the home
He worked hard to prove his worth.

Four of us had finished what he did not.
Mother stood beside him no matter what.

More than four decades of togetherness
Not a perfect union like just other couples..

Through the years we fell and trembled
But stood up and strengthened the bond more.

Now a senior man with a few grey hair
He may not be the best but always the better.

He may not be outstanding in every aspect of life
But, he still is the man who loves us like no other can.