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Be Careful with My Heart

Kung uso dati si PAPA CHEN at ang SOFIA Magic... Ngayon, SER CHIEF at YAYA MAYA na. CREDITS Premiered last 9 July 2012, Be Careful with My Heart is now a top-rating ABS-CBN daytime drama which is airing every 10:30am. Not only it dominates the morning shows but it's the very first TV drama to be filmed and broadcasted in HD or high definition.  It's like watching a real movie. SYNOPSIS This is a story about a simple girl MAYA DELA ROSA ( JodiSta. Mari a) who journeys to the big city to follow her dreams to become a flight stewardess to help her family.She would allow no one to stop her, not even the handsome, wealthy widower RICHARD LIM ( Richard Yap ), who threatens to ruin her dreams. Ironically, Richard is her last hope in reaching her dreams because of his influence in the Airline Industry and he will only help Maya if she agrees to become his children’s temporary nanny. Maya succumbs to the condition.But upon entering the Lim Mansion, she find

My Family, My LIFE

Just like any other family, mine have survived the ups and downs in life.  We continue the struggle... Together we can surpass any hurdle,  Together we can fight the odds. MY FAMILY... MY LIFE At Great Image Taken sometime in August of 2005, a truly memorable photograph of a family that is bonded by love, respect and dignity. We may not have the luxuries of life but we always possess the blessing of having each other through good or bad times... in moments of sadness or joyful success... in weakness or strength... through heartaches and blissful unions... We treasure every moment like this: Taken two years back.  It was our Christmas Party 2010 and our family got the blue color theme so here we are... the BLUE BABIES Closely knit... that's what we are "KAPIT-BISIG" whatever whenever wherever Always hold each other so tightly no matter what no matter when no matter where Through rain or shine... we share any thing any time any