JUMP shot

Yours truly is not a PRO when it comes to taking pictures but I'm trying hard to be one. Hahaha!  :) Using a digital camera makes it even more difficult. I had to focus and TIMING is of the essence.  Hey guys!  Can you give me some of your photography secrets.  Now, I wish to have a DSLR camera.  Actually, I have no idea about this until I sought the services of google.

According to WIKIPEDIA:

"Digital single-lens reflex cameras (also named digital SLR or DSLR) are digital cameras combining the parts of a single-lens reflex camera (SLR) and a digital camera back, replacing the photographic film. Features like live preview, HD video recording with contrast detection autofocus or ergonomic integration like dedicated film speed (ISO) buttons took further advantage of the digital image sensor. Although the term DSLR often refers to cameras that resemble 35 mm format cameras, some medium format cameras are also DSLRs.

Currently DSLRs are widely used by consumers and professional still photographers. Well established DSLRs currently offer a larger variety of dedicated lenses and other photography equipment, often using a larger image sensor format, often providing a higher dynamic range and signal to noise ratio. By contrast compact digital cameras and bridge cameras usually have smaller image sensors, which provide a larger depth of field. The newer mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras (MILC) are beginning to compete with DSLRs while offering a more compact camera body."


Anyways... please bear with me.  Time will come and I will learn few more simple tricks and strategies in photography. Just wait and see... LOL!!

floating on air 1

floating on air 2
Get set...

floating on air _success

At least... I caught this jump shot.  Thanks for my ever dearest model, KIKO.