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Irresponsible Jeepney Drivers

CREDITS:  LIFE is so mystical... truly has a divine meaning that transcends human understanding.  It is a form of creation that only GOD knows  WHEN,  WHERE and HOW it will begin and end.  There is no human power that can manipulate any LIFE's journey. I just want to share with you this story because I consider it as an unforeseen event in my life and it made me realized that some things may happen beyond expectation and may surprise me anytime. This morning, an incident happened that threatened mine and my son's life.  I thought we would crashed head on collision with a certain jeepney that suddenly appeared rushing like racing with another jeepney.  The service tricycle we're riding going to school promptly stopped just in time.  Thank GOD for the driver's alertness and quick instinct, no one's hurt especially his daughter situated in front of him and PRAISE GOD for nothing happened to Kiko and me. I almost find myself helpless in this kind of situatio