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The REASONS why I wake up in the morning

Credits To see those eyes like bright stars twinkling and sparkling  To watch them take every step moving forward and let them value their past that made them who and what they are. To feel their hearts throbbing for joy Their happiness is more than  a dream come true. To share with them the precious lessons I learned that will guide them to their journey in life. To hear their  laughter not tearful sobs Their misery may break my heart into pieces. To offer them my warmest hugs when they shiver when coldness prevail in the darkness of night. To taste the sweetness  of words they may utter Their actions may not sound as labor of love Yet a sudden embrace or an ambush kiss on the cheek may mean a big thing that can crush an icy situation with a burning madness. To smell the scent of their presence inside my heart and soul  They are the reason why i wake up every morning of everyday My senses are actively working because they exist in my