Not only that is he a shape enthusiast but he is also a lover of crayons and colors in any form.  Whenever he sees bright colorful toys or objects, he is so overwhelmingly happy.  He finds them so attractive and appealing.  He loves to color using either crayons, color pencils or water colors.

COLORS, according to expert psychologists help children express themselves and affirm certain emotions.  They are connected with mood.  They appeal more to the senses because of their lively hues and give out positive vibes.  they are interesting and stimulating. explains that:
"Although children may be inclined to prefer bright colors because the rods and cones in their eyes have not fully developed, a preference for bright colors may be a result of evolutionary developments.

Many naturally occurring foods---like tomatoes, apples, oranges, bananas and berries---are bright, bold colors when they are ripe and ready for consumption. By contrast, almost all fruits turn a brown, black or gray color as they pass their readiness for consumption and begin to rot.

In addition, many dangerous animals and insects feature bright colors to scare away potential predators. Hornets, for example, feature bright yellow bands on their legs and torsos, while highly poisonous coral snakes feature several bands of bright colors.

For these reasons, research conducted by Color Matters, a research and education firm specializing in color, concludes that the ability of bright colors to grab a person's attention may be a naturally programmed reaction in both children and adults."

SUPERBOY with his fave shirt
SUPERBOY with his fave shirt
SUPERBOY doing his fave pastime... painting
SUPERBOY doing his fave pastime... painting

And since Kiko truly deserves the BEST possible education, I transferred him to La Immaculada Concepcion School (LICS) where his Ate graduated last March and Kuya, still in his second year high school.  These are his new classmates and two of the teacher aides.

Kiko with his new classmates
Kiko with his new classmates (ASHLYN - the little girl beside him)

He looks very smart with his uniform with the SUPERBOY patch of LICS according to him.  Though he was able to pass the entrance exams for NURSERY level, I preferred to enroll him in PRE-NURSERY (PN) because of the available time of 10am to 12noon... more convenient for both of us than the remaining slot for nursery which is an early 8am class.  He's officially a PN section Maliksi.  It has only a dozen pupils so Kiko and his classmates will be properly guided and attended.

And this is the very first STAR of my SUPERBOY.  He already master the skill in coloring so he got a job well done.  We are so proud of him.  Way to go KIKO!!!

Kiko and some of his classmates' seatwork
Kiko (Francis) and some of his classmates' seatwork
Kiko's first STAR
Kiko's first STAR

Special thanks to imikimi for the CUTE frames