FIRST DAY in school

When is the best time to send our kids to school? Is it ideal to bring an almost 3 year-old toddler to school yet and make him/her experience how it is to mingle with others... follow the teacher's instructions... and leave them without our presence in the first time?

Most mothers of today opt to bring their kids earlier compared to mothers of decades ago.  The need for this may have a bunch of reasons depending on the parent.  My second son and eldest daughter started school at the age of 4 and 5, respectively.  Now, with my youngest Kiko, me and my husband decided to bring him to school at an early age of 3.  We just want him to be exposed in classroom environment so that by next year, he'll be more ready to attend regular pre-school.

I'm aware of several private playschool and Montessori with high standards and excellent facilities but practicality wise, we prefer to enroll Kiko at Caniogan Learning Center: a semi-private, air-conditioned school near our place where thousands of toddlers and kids graduated already and still going strong for over 40 years with the same teachers handling the classes.  Actually, my eldest studied in this same school as well and she will be in her first year college now.

kiko with his first ever school uniform
Ready for some ACTION???
Mrs. Emilita C. Corteza_KIKO's first teacher
Meet Mrs. Emilita C. Corteza
KIKO _the only one wearing uniform
KIKO, the only one wearing uniform
KIKO_writing on the blackboard
First time to write on the blackboard using the chalk
KIKO, in his first ever classroom chair
KIKO, in his first ever classroom chair
KIKO_inside the classroom
KIKO, now officially a pupil

According to experts at babycentre, on the first day:
  • Allow plenty of time. The chances are, your child won't be prepared for you to just drop him off and leave on the first day, so be prepared to hang around until he's settled. 
  • You'll probably be feeling just as anxious and emotional as they are, but try to stay cheery and confident - children pick up on your feelings of apprehension. 
  • Explain to your child when you'll be back.
  • If your child cries and won't let you leave, ask staff for advice. In most cases they'll ask you to stay for a while with your child in the early days. 
  • When you've said your goodbyes, try not to worry. In most cases your child will be enjoying their exciting new experience. 

Some kids were constantly crying and some were leaving the room to find their mothers waiting outside but Mrs. Corteza was kind enough to leave the door open for a while to pacify them but my KIKO never showed any signs of tantrums except that... I noticed his overwhelming boredom.  I just thought, maybe he's expecting some ACTIONS or ACTIVITIES that may stimulate his inborn intellect.