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FIRST DAY in school

When is the best time to send our kids to school? Is it ideal to bring an almost 3 year-old toddler to school yet and make him/her experience how it is to mingle with others... follow the teacher's instructions... and leave them without our presence in the first time? Most mothers of today opt to bring their kids earlier compared to mothers of decades ago.  The need for this may have a bunch of reasons depending on the parent.  My second son and eldest daughter started school at the age of 4 and 5, respectively.  Now, with my youngest Kiko, me and my husband decided to bring him to school at an early age of 3.  We just want him to be exposed in classroom environment so that by next year, he'll be more ready to attend regular pre-school. I'm aware of several private playschool and Montessori with high standards and excellent facilities but practicality wise, we prefer to enroll Kiko at Caniogan Learning Center: a semi-private, air-conditioned school near our place where