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HE who wears the BEST toothless SMILE

Toothless grin unfolds DIMPLES like you see them Up close and personal Did you see what I see? Everything is OPEN to serve you FRANCIS DAN RIEL, our bundle of joy will be turning three this coming June 20.  The day when my worries faded away... My apprehension exited upon seeing his face for the first time.  This was my sentiments when he's still inside my womb: Let your presence inside mesay that you're safe and sound. Is there a little life growing or a tie of bond deep within? This unpleasant sensitivities leave no aching signs. Just rest quietly in my tummy We'll be one in due time. He completes our HOME... He is the reason for our JOY and endless HAPPINESS.  Now, I realized that my desire to continue a career is behind me now because I am bound to serve a better purpose in life and that is... being the mother of the one who wears the BEST "toothless SMILE".