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Smoking During Pregnancy

Addiction to smoking seems a struggle to most women who have been smokers since their teen years and cannot avoid doing the habit even to sacrifice life of their unborn child. I was shocked upon watching an episode in a TV show about women who can hardly quit smoking and even turn their backs on drugs while they are pregnant. Credits: A couple was interviewed and they actually admitted that they both cigarette dependents and their struggle against the addiction should bring them to a unified decision to stop and put an end to their bad vice. The husband honestly told that he would leave 2-3 sticks of cigarette for her wife without knowing that her wife sneaks for at least a pack a day. She said while she puffs a cigarette, she can actually feel that the baby moves trying to tell her mother that she's hurting him. Smoking during pregnancy can put the mother and the unborn baby at risk. The complications associated by smoking are; Lower the amount of oxy