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Limit the Usage of MUSIC PLAYERS

Old models of Apple IPod Nano and shuffle (still working and in good condition) More and more people are aware of the health hazards accompanied by exposure to loud music like playing personal  MP3  players at maximum level. The risk is of course, vulnerability to music-induced hearing loss. A study reveals that listening to loud music through earphones at least an hour a day consistently for a period of 5 years can cause permanent ear damage. Although listening to music has been a great pleasure to many yet they seem to disregard the realities of inflicting damage to their health. If young people keep using their  Ipods  or personal music players for longer time and at high volume levels, they can develop a condition called " tinnitus " which involves hearing a ringing sound inside the ear. Manufacturers of these gadgets should consider such negative effects to customer and make them aware of the dangers by printing clear warnings on packaging and linking vol