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KIKO and his beloved Tikoy TIKOY came to Kiko's life March of last year.  We bought  this stuffed dogie at TOY KINGDOM , SM Megamall.  When he saw this on the toy shelf, he immediately got hold of it and that's the start of their undeniable closeness. From then on... Tikoy became his buddy and he will never have his "tatas" (milk) without this stuffed toy around his arms.  It's automatic.  He cannot sleep without Tikoy and whenever we go out, we bring Tikoy with us.  There are times that we have to leave his fave toy but when we get back home, Tikoy is the first one he'll find. He became so attached with him that we even try to buy another stuffed animal just for replacement when Tikoy needs to be washed.  But, nothing can take Tikoy's place in Kiko's life. not even a new one that's exactly like it. The bond is so strong that, he will quickly get Tikoy out of the dryer even if it's a little wet. Is this kind of attachment normal f