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MOTHERHOOD... a versatile profession

Everyone of us has a dream ROLE in the society and we aim to fulfill that stature in our lives.  We wish to be SOMEBODY with dignity and  honor.  A person with substance and value.  Our world is a mixture of diversities and complexities but at the end of the day... we will find ourselves clinging to the arms of our family who are always there to bring out the BEST in us that NOBODY else can. We go HOME and whatever failures or achievements we attained... our family is our ultimate shock-absorber.  Our parents... our dear MOTHER is our critic and avid fan at the same time. This is my own little way of giving recognition to the most rewarding role of all... Being a mother.  A mother, either working or just plain housewife holds the most duties and responsibilities. Motherhood, a versatile career... a lifetime commitment. Mother... The LIGHT of every home. My Nanay Tacing Mother being a... MANAGER - she has the ability to plan.  Plan not only for the day's activity