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Dealing with the New Generation's Mind

I found myself wondering how hard it was then for my mother to raise three daughters and a son while father was working abroad. Maybe it's different in some ways but, entirely the same from how I bring up my three kids now more so with my husband around. Every parent has no greater joy than to see her child grow from a little huggable baby to a toddler, to adolescent and beyond. Although most mothers of today are working, we are still the women in authority when it comes to taking care of our children. We have that characteristic of maternal tenderness and affection that somehow pacifies the naturally rebellious state of our moppets. We have to understand them through ourselves. Texting is one of today's generation favorite pastime During our younger years, when we had to ask for our oldies' permission to go out with friends or join peers for some party that we truly understand the complexities of being a parent. The annoying realities of going through what they ha