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My 19 year-old journals MYE DOMAIN's maiden voyage on the internet started four years ago. May 17, 2008 was my first entry entitled: "I'll Be Your's my Love" ... the theme song of my parents, the very roots where I came from, the very reason why I am here... enjoying motherhood and taking the pleasures of being the wonderful wife I ought to be. It's been years since I last posted entries to my journal. I can't remember exactly the date but I clearly recall the incident that made me decide to terminate such daily routine. Keeping a journal then was something so private and concealed. Diaries were even hidden securely on safes or closets.  Some of which were provided with locks to keep other people from invading the owners' privacy and the materials' confidentiality. But todays perception about maintaining a record of daily events, experiences, feelings and ideas has become a phenomenon. According to  Wikipedia,  the modern bl