My Most Precious Jewels

i am reminiscent of yesterday
turning back the pages of my life.
there were chapters that brought tears
yet, i saw laughters visibly clear.

the path i've chosen to travel on
is plain, simple but extraordinary.
there were bumps and bridges along the way
yet, the sun had risen on my darkest day.

as i walked down every road
i met old and new faces
as i reached high and windy mountain
i still find myself playing in the rain.

years had gone by and time seemed to scuttle
my search has come to an end
i was blessed to have met a warrior
my battle was over... i have found a savior.

now, i am what i am not in my dreams
i finally seek the truth beneath my sphere
rest in my hands are gems i treasure
nothing is more valuable than a love so pure.

now, i am not what i am in my dreams
my heart desires nothing more
i may not have any material wealth
but i own the most precious jewels on earth.