Here comes the JELLYFISH!

SUMMER time is here again and everyone seems to be going just ANYWHERE... as long as there is FUN under the SUN.  Can be camping out, heading for the beach or even visiting places abroad for a memorable vacation.

The most common is having the thrill of the wonderful beaches.  There are people who like the depths of the sea and the creatures rambling in the deep.


jellyfish... beautiful but deadly
Colorful jelly fish

They are brainless but have brilliant characteristics that serve as their defense mechanism. They can detect light and respond to it through their nervous system. They survived on earth for more than 650 million years. Oceans, rivers, seas and even lakes are their habitat.

They are boneless. They capture prey for food. Thousands of tiny stinging cells burst out that poison any victim. These dangerous creatures are semi-transparent and have an umbrella-like body with a net of tentacles. Some of them are deadly but some are not that harmful to human. They are 95 percent water and the remaining part is their solid form.

Actually, I never had a chance to see a single jellyfish in my life. I just found them very interesting and unique through reading articles about them and having seen their images makes me more fascinated. They varied in colors and shapes. As they float to the water, their soft long bodies swim like dancing umbrellas.

Maybe one day... I will get to see one and this is what I may say:

"Here comes the jellyfish."