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PYE at Kagay: CDO Whitewater Rafting Voyage

PYE, as I dearly call my husband... went for a summer getaway with his office mates at the exciting Cagayan De Oro Whitewater Rafting Voyage The adventure was so breathtaking that he still felt the rush of adrenalin.  This is not his first time to experience the thrill of overcoming rapids one after the other while enjoying the glimpse of a panoramic view of the river rock walls and the surrounding green vegetation. What an intensifying journey... Really it was !!! Start the BOAT rolling... Others were getting ready... The boats were sailing along with the silent waters... yet Slowly submerging into the river... PYE seemingly too relax to panic yet The water splashed... the "WHITE WATER" as they call it Refreshing mini water falls Enjoying the SHOWER? Got a quick plunge into the river Oooops!  Resting but another rapid's ahead... FUN FUN FUN !  This fast-running river seems endless

Desire of the HEART

Life is what we make it. Everyone has own time to travel. Nobody can beat the clock. It's either we walk slowly or take the fastest flight to reach the top. It's either you win over a game or you pass a chance of good luck. Some people are born "providential" just meeting unforeseen success. Yet some others never taste a little of anything superb. If only we can have that magic wand or the lamp which make wishes come true... We will be living on a dream world. But life is not merely getting what we want... It's not always a bed or roses. Life is the quality of our existence and the essence of our being. It's a journey to pursue our destiny. We seek the truth... and strengthen our immortal soul. Kids wish upon a star because life for them is simple, uncomplicated. But as we grow, our dreams become bigger and wishing upon a star is likely driven away. We make a wish through our hearts by praying. We ask for His divine guidance to reac