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What's your DREAM HOUSE?

One of  MAHOGANY PLACE's  Model House Ariana Everyone of us desire to own a dream house. It may not be our ultimate goal but the need to dwell on a place we can call "home" is one of our priorities. We aim to provide a comfortable shelter for ourselves and our families. For those who are privileged, acquiring a property is just like buying candy on a candy store. If they like it, they get it. But for those who work hard for the money, it should be worth every cent. Investing on something with a long term share on your funds is a serious matter to deal with. For some, it costs even a lifetime to own a place to stay. Lucky are those who have inherited assets like a huge land or an estate. We cannot have the same fortune as others may have. Our status in life depends on the choices we make and the providence that goes along with our names. There are people who reached their dreams earlier than others do. But still, there are some who opted to accomplish certain goal