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PHOTOGRAPHS with a twist

My sister MALU and her beloved Amore, ALFIE went to Misibis Bay for a little unwinding.  They left Manila bound for Bicol despite the unpleasant weather condition. Upon arrival in Legaspi, they enjoyed their city day tour. In the afternoon, Falcon was already raging and it was raining hard until the following day.  But the four-day stormy escapade still allowed them to take pleasure in the enigmatic beauty of the province. On their first day, they were able to take some pictures and look how they managed to entertain themselves.  They had fun taking these shots with a twist. Malu... in the palm of Alfie's hand Malu... leaning on the tip of the Cagsawa ruins Here comes GIANT Malu! Leaning Tower of Malu This ROCK is heavy!!! Embracing Cagsawa "MI AMORE" as they call each other These photos were taken at Cagraray Island, Bacacay Albay, Bicol. Thanks for letting me share your precious photographs.