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Somewhere in Time

This film is one of my favorite classic love stories and I truly fell in love with the song and the characters.  It is timeless and will live in my heart forever. Either you're truly romantic or just simply a hopeless romantic one, love stories can intensely influence emotions and inspire human behaviour towards anger, fear, pain and despair to the earthly or heavenly desire for love and deep affection. Love stories are timeless classics that are undoubtedly sympathetic with the theme of romantic love. We are all capable of sharing the majesty and beauty of love in any way we want to express it. Different stories of love will enlighten our consciousness to its magical power. "Come back to me." Somewhere in Time is a story beyond fantasy... beyond obsession... beyond time itself. A story of young writer Richard Collier (played by Christopher Reeve ) is approached by an elderly woman who gives him an antique gold watch and who pleads with him to return

Afterbirth - Postpartum Depression

In the Philippines, we have this saying; "A mother who is about to deliver a child has her one foot into the grave" and that's absolutely true because giving birth is a serious condition which can lead to complications if not properly monitored. It can be life threatening. There are several indications that women after childbirth experience changes physically, emotionally, mentally and even psychologically. Such changes may be mild, moderate or severe. These are usually accompanied by depression or mood disorder in which feelings of sadness, anger and frustration interfere with everyday life for a longer period. The new mother is tired physically and mentally and she may find it hard to reconcile her maternal instinct with her desire as a woman and wife. This may trigger depression on her part, nursing her baby and maintaining intimacy on her spouse. The father may suddenly find himself taking second place in his wife's attention and affection. Sleep deprivati

Heart Disease - Fatal as Ever

People are now suffering from various diseases because of many possible factors such as lifestyle, contaminated environment, congenital traits or hereditary attributes.   Stroke  and  Diabetes  have affected a number of individuals old and young.  HIV  and AIDS  have become the primary viral infection that can be transmitted from one person to another and the illness is actively spreading.  But the number one cause of death is still... HEART DISEASE. Also known as cardiovascular ailment,  heart disease  is a disorder affecting both the heart and blood vessels. It is the worst health scourge, the leading cause of death not only in the Philippines but in the world as well. The most frequent cause of death from cardiovascular disease are as follows: C oronary artery disease ,  brought on by obstructions that develop in the coronary vessels nourishing the heart muscle. These fatty blockages impair adequate delivery of oxygen-laden blood to the heart muscle cells. This blockade is t

STONEHENGE, an enduring symbol of mystery

My sister Malu has visited UK for several times already because she's working with a UK-based company, FINANCIAL TIMES  up to this time.  She's fortunate to make some trips while she was there back in 2007.  I, for one is truly fascinated with the thousand year old architecture. When was it built? Why was it built? How was it built? Who built it? Dating from about 3000 to 1600 BC,  Stonehenge  is the best preserved structure remaining from the late  Neolithic , or New Stone Age. Situated north of  Salisbury , in southern  England , it contains a remarkable collection of prehistoric monuments. For centuries the ponderous complex of stones was enshrouded in myth. In the 17th century, the English antiquary John Aubrey proposed that Stonehenge was a temple built by  Druids , the priests of the pagan  Celts  who came to Britain in the centuries immediately preceding the  Christian era . However, the theory has been disproved in the 20th century by modern archaeological te