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KIKO and "BABY" by JB

Baby Baby Baby Ohhhhhh! The  SONG... The  SINGER... The  BROKEN RECORD? Most of us are music lovers and sometimes we forget about problems in life just listening to our favorite songs.  Music somehow lightens up our mood and  just hearing the best sounds either old or new freshen up our soul. We, Filipinos are fond of singing and we love 'videoke" or "kareoke" .  While the young generations like my daughter Lizette and my sons, Kurt and Kiko are die-hard music lovers as well.  They download songs and sync into the Ipod ( they're using my old IPod Nano ). They just want to listen and sing with the tunes.  There was this one song that almost broke my eardrums because my daughter would repeatedly play it over and over and over.  It became a Worldwide Anthem and I almost memorize the lyrics of the "broken record" hit of no less than "THE" Justin Bieber  of the young generation.  But it was then... when he dominated almost ev