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Then a BABY, now a TODDLER

What was the first word that KIKO uttered?  As I remember it right, he could baby talk as early as four months old.  The sound of his voice was seemingly making a lot of sense already. Check out this post . Now at 2 years and 10 months old, he hardly speaks clear yet but we somehow comprehend the words he uttered first then realized later what he meant. Is he talking to someone on the phone? Nothing he said made sense  :( He's making an ACT We don't tolerate him saying baby talk. We speak to him with straight words. He's just a natural joker.  Toddlers like KIKO may start to experiment words and their modulations.  There are times that he may shout or even cry if I don't understand any word he says. It's a normal reaction. He can tell a story though "paputol-putol" with matching INHALE-EXHALE... but his version is quite understandable. He can't pronounce letter "R" that perfect but he practically knew every let