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Treat at the RANCH

WHAT:               Lizette's Graduation Treat from Papa WHEN:                              March 26, 2012 WHERE:                          Holy Cow Steak Ranch and American Grill at  Level 3 Mega Atrium, SM Megamall, Ortigas My husband, being the BIG man on the house has little surprises all the time.  He may not show it the way ordinary father demonstrates affection towards his family and he may sound so crabby sometimes... but his quite biting temper just fade away like a whirlwind. Pye (as I called him) never fails to take time and effort to treat us out for a scrumptious lunch or delightful dinner... especially during special occasions like Lizette's graduation last March 24. We went to SM Megamall for some family bonding and to celebrate of course.  We practically rambled around Atrium to find a nice dining place with our most favorite dishes.  Actually, any restaurant with FRIED CHICKEN will do because my son, Ku