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Going Generic

My husband and I are now on maintenance medications. I, being hypertensive take a dose of  Amlodipine Besylate , 10mg daily while Pye takes 4 drugs a day:  Simvastatin  tablet 20g,  Losartan  50mg,  Metformin  500g and  Fenofibrate  250mg. Unfortunately, he's being diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and mild diabetes. We spent much for these drugs and nothing we can do but to find alternative means to cost-cut our expenses without compromising our need to keep those maintenace medicines. Thanks to  The Generics Pharmacy  which is presently penetrating the Philippine market today. We are so aware of generic drugs but we are still patrons of branded products until we come to the realization that we can actually get high quality yet affordable drugs in the market. And this type of drugstore has never been well-known. A Filipino entrepreneur started to see the viability of pharmaceutical products to gain popularity specifically, operating generic retail pharmacy.