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Against All Odds - LICS HS Graduation 2012

March 24 was my moms birthday and according to her, never in her sixty-four years of existence did it rain and we were hoping that it would not. The sky was clear early that morning though the sun only peeped once in a while. Then lunch time came and dark clouds were forming that made that afternoon so gloomy. What a bad day really it was. Unfortunately, the first batch was postponed for March 30.  Luckily,  the second batch successfully finished the confirmation so I called up the office and asked if the third batch would push through. School's admin announced the day's affair would take place as scheduled, RAIN or SHINE. The heavy rains poured as we left the house and we practically got wet. My daughter's toga was almost soggy and her face fully made up by her cousin Dave who is only 10 years old, was damp and nearly wiped out. LIZETTE, freshly made up With PAPA With MAMA The STAGE looked like this: SUPER SIMPLE... WET and UNATTRACTIVE