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The Existence of Life

When we were still inside our mother's womb, we stayed on a safe haven for nine months until we were brought to life. We're being provided with all the essentials in order to survive. It's a home like no other. We had no choice where to dwell because it's the only place we would be most comfortable. The way we are conceived and the manner we are born are magical realities. Now that we exist, God gives us the grace to take the journey of our lives. We have our own place on earth. We may not walk on the same direction but we are truly heading on the same destination. Life is complex and full of uncertainties. The challenges are much more inflexible than our strength and yet, trigger our most sensitive being to explore the boundaries of "life" itself. There is no doubt that everything has its beginning and end. Who would not agree that there's a supreme being responsible for our existence and the existence of every living or