Doodles Here, Scribbles There: Made KIKO so "TECHIER"

When KIKO turned 2, he developed an overwhelming interest in colors.  He was able to recognize primary colors: red, yellow and blue as well as secondary: orange, green and violet ( purple as he calls it ) through watching BabyTV, channel 48 on Destiny Cable TV.  He also knew most of the alphabet.

Now, he's almost 3 and because of his intense curiosity and fondness over the colors' visual characteristics, he finds a way to express that inherent learning instinct through scribbling on the floor, doodles on the door, and even if I put those permanent markers out of his reach... he still looks for means to get them.  Sometimes, we argue about it and he will start to cry.

I was doing some chores when Beth, our house help suddenly uttered in shock:

"Oh my God!"

I hurriedly approached them and saw these scripts on the puzzle mat:

Exhibit A on Doodles Here, Scribbles There: Made KIKO so "TECHIER"

Beth tried to erase the marks using a wet rag with bleach. All efforts have exerted but to no avail. The damage has been done and I almost lost control of my emotions but I thought of something I learned from one of Oprah's episode that it's normal for toddlers like my Kiko to draw on walls so I held back my displeasure reaction and just stared at them realizing that he already learned to write letters A, O and C.  The anger was replaced by pride and joy.

Another incident happened when out of nowhere Kiko got hold of the markers again. I thought he would just go to his Kuya Kurt's room and join him there but to my surprise again, his Kuya burst out saying this:

" Hala! Mama!"

I went to see what's wrong and this time, it's graffiti on the door:

Exhibit B on Doodles Here, Scribbles There: Made KIKO so "TECHIER"

I just thought to myself... this door needs a repaint.  I noticed a chair beside the bookshelf and that chair made a perfect accomplice. He pulled a chair and used it as a stepping stool to reach the drawer where I keep the markers. Young as he is, he got strategy.

I further read articles in the internet regarding this matter and I've come to see the advantages of kids scribbling on walls. Parents should always know by heart every milestone that their children had gone through and going through because, learning starts from HOME.

Kindly take note of these important reminders:
  • Toddlers are amazed by the sound of pounding crayons and the magic of brightly colored markers scribbled by themselves to a certain wall.
  • They are delighted to feel the texture of lines and curves they make. They develop independent thinking because a scribbling kid knows no bounds.
  • They should not be prohibited to use crayons and markers. Such refusal brings negative effect on their sense of self-worth.
  • Scribbling develops their finger-control and eye-hand coordination.
  • Through scribbling, kids have the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings without restrictions.
  • Although our walls may look ugly, those damages can be regarded as arts made by young hands.  Those marks show normal brain development of our children. Without the urge to scribble means retardation.

So far, these two portions of the house are affected by Kiko's scribbling activity.  I bought him a set of crayons and color pencils together with two coloring activity books so, I may be rest assured that no other places in the house that will turn to be his next suspect.

His self confidence is just amazingly over the top

Kiko, learning how to play the guitar

Kiko learned to use the computer at an earlier age compared to my other two children, Lizette who is 16 and Kurt who is turning 13 this April. It seems that letting him scribble help him to be well-oriented in the digital world.  He adapts to modern technology effortlessly.

We can see how the internet and the worldwide web can change people's lives... more so on the lives of today's young generation. As technology goes on with extremely high speed so as the society.  There's a great impact in our way of thinking and day to day living.  Computers, either desktop, laptops or tablets and alike are more useful to the youth especially when connected to the internet.

My children, especially Kiko finds it easy to learn new things just by himself but of course, with my proper guidance.