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Doodles Here, Scribbles There: Made KIKO so "TECHIER"

When KIKO turned 2, he developed an overwhelming interest in colors.  He was able to recognize primary colors: red, yellow and blue as well as secondary: orange, green and violet ( purple as he calls it ) through watching BabyTV , channel 48 on Destiny Cable TV .  He also knew most of the alphabet. Now, he's almost 3 and because of his intense curiosity and fondness over the colors' visual characteristics, he finds a way to express that inherent learning instinct through scribbling on the floor, doodles on the door, and even if I put those permanent markers out of his reach... he still looks for means to get them.  Sometimes, we argue about it and he will start to cry. I was doing some chores when Beth, our house help suddenly uttered in shock: "Oh my God!" I hurriedly approached them and saw these scripts on the puzzle mat: Beth tried to erase the marks using a wet rag with bleach. All efforts have exerted but to no avail. The damage has been do