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RIZAL and HITLER, Father and Son?

Speculation or truth? I'm amazed and quite eager to know if  there's a strong basis to an intriguing issue that Jose Riza l, our national hero was believed to be the father of Adolf Hitler , founder and leader of the Nazi Party .  Because of  my intense desire to know the details behind this matter, I read some articles about it and learned some theories that may lead to any conclusion to this long-time controversial rumor. These are the pictures of Rizal and Hitler at age 35 To make the subject easy to comprehend, let's consider these facts opposite the unverified information . Dr. Jose Rizal was known to be a romantic lover with a bunch of women on his list and some others like the supposed mother of Hitler named Klara Polzl. (When he was in Europe, it was noted out that he found this pretty European girlfriend somewhere in the border of Germany and Austria. In Berlin he finished Noli Me Tangere. One of the book's characters is named Maria Clara.)