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Why is the Sky Color Blue?

photo by awesomedanlourd

When you look up and see the bright blue sky... what do you feel?  How can its radiance affect your mood or emotion? Can it lighten up your heavy heart or deepen a wound that is pained by  life's misfortunes?

By just gazing upon its beauty with different cloud formations and shapes... we can build a promising future. Our imagination will take us somewhere beneath the vast view of this nature's wonder.

White puffy clouds in a bright blue sky over a calm ocean.
Painters, poets, photographers and artists alike take too much interest in making master pieces with landscape scenes such as the bright blue sky. Only their eyes can see through the depth, texture and hue of a specific subject. They interpret thoughts and feelings through the strokes of their hand from the brush to the canvas... from the pen to the paper... from the lens to the camera. Their impression results to an awesome work of art.

Well, to those who still wonder how these clouds are formed... here's an illustration to explain these amazing white luminous beds of cotton floating in the sky.

illustration how clouds are formed

When the sun's heat absorbs by Earth's atmosphere, the warm air rises, expands and eventually cools. The cooling air becomes lighter and less dense than the surrounding air. When the moisture is enough to condense out of the air parcel, then clouds are formed.

Why is the sky color blue?

Light coming from the sun is actually a mixture of different colors and because the sky is filled with air and dust particles, sunlight pass through the air. It bumps into the gas molecules and dust. When light hits a gas molecule, it may bounce off in a different direction. Some colors of light, like red and orange, pass straight through the air. But most of the blue light bounces off in all directions. In this way, the blue light gets scattered all around the sky.

When you look up, some of this blue light reaches your eyes from all over the sky. Since you see blue light from everywhere overhead, the sky looks blue. (Source)

Sky blue from scattered light

"Everything that our eyes can perceive is sometimes beyond words to describe but it can be explained through our own interpretation."
by simplymarrimye


  1. the sky can also affect mood. i feel happy when the sky is blue and there is a bright sun shining. and, i feel depressed on a cloudy day, like today because it rained all day. but fluffy clouds always looked like cotton candy to me, soft, fluffy and dreamy, floating above me.

  2. Wow...at first I thought its going to be a love story...then it became scientific....nice touch. Learned a lot!

  3. I just remembered the evaporation process but I got more info from this post.

  4. looking up at a clear blue sky reminds me of my late grandpa, he loves to look up the sky and tell me stories about the Japanese occupation ahaha

  5. hoping here to have such bright sky soon. It's very gloomy in our side of the globe bec of the snow.

  6. I almost forgot how this is, I will have my boys read this, they are very interested in water, rain and sky :) And yes, I love photographing the sky...there's an infinite possibility on the images one can make :)


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