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Understanding Blighted Ovum


Over-the-counter pregnancy tests are now available in the market so women who experience delayed periods may take a test in the comforts of their homes. But how effective are these products? Positive result may bring overwhelming joy to the couple yet it's not 100% guaranteed that a baby is in the making. The expectant mother should still visit her OB-GYNE to determine that there's an embryo inside the womb.

Actually, I have had four pregnancies but I only have three kids. The first time was a miscarriage and unfortunately, I was unaware of many things about conception. Getting pregnant for the first time brought me mixed emotions... excitement and fear at the same time.

I should have taken the TVS procedure to ensure that there's really a baby inside me or it was just a blighted ovum. So the next three pregnancies, I was advised to undergo this procedure on the first trimester.

I wrote this November 2008, I thought I had a blighted ovum:

"Lying down on a bed other than our bed makes me feel quite uncomfortable more so using a clinic blanket to cover my body. Quite loathsome but I have no choice. I was advised to undress from waist down, lie on the bed with my knees bent and legs apart then cover my lower extremities with a green blanket. A female doctor attended to me. She was holding a tubular device or probe called a transducer and put an adequate amount of lubricant or gel then slowly inserted into my vaginal canal.

The procedure is TVS or transvaginal sonogram. The tubular probe sent out sound waves and a computer received the waves then an image was created being seen on a monitor. Measurements were being noted. The result is:

The test was painless. Actually I had gone through this kind of procedure more than five times already although I felt some mild discomfort from the pressure of the probe. After getting the result, Pye and I headed to Dra. Piramide, who was holding her clinic hours on the second floor of the Alfonso building.  She examined the results of the ultrasound and told us that we have to wait for another 2 weeks to confirm if there's really a baby inside me or yet, a possible blighted ovum."

Early intrauterine pregnancy about 7 weeks and 2 days by GS diameter There is a yolk sac seen with no evidence of fetal poleSuggest follow-up after 2 weeks for embryonic assessment
Early intrauterine pregnancy about 7 weeks and 2 days by GS diameter
There is a yolk sac seen with no evidence of fetal pole. 
Suggest follow-up after 2 weeks for embryonic assessment

Blighted Ovum implies to a fertilized egg implanted in the uterus but there's no actual embryo developed. This may cause early signs of abdominal pain, vaginal spotting or bleeding and menstrual flow much heavier than usual.

"Miscarriages from a blighted ovum are often due to problems with chromosomes, the structures that carry genes. This may be from a poor-quality sperm or egg. Or, it may occur due to abnormal cell division. Regardless, your body stops the pregnancy because it recognizes this abnormality.

It's important to understand that you have done nothing to cause this miscarriage and you almost certainly could not have prevented it. For most women, a blighted ovum occurs only once." (Source)


  1. I guess as soon as there are early signs of pregnancy, a doctor should be consulted immediately for precautionary reason.

  2. This happened to me last year. I didn't realize that I had a blighted ovum until the 12th week of my pregnancy when I saw a brown discharge on my underwear. I didn't miscarry naturally so a D&C had to be done. :(

  3. Additional information for me and co-readers alike. :D We should always seek expert medical check up when we feel something within our body.

  4. good tips I have ones been pregnant. always go the doctor when something is wrong to make us afe and away on those incedent that we're not expecting at all. xx

  5. If signs of pregnancy occur then it is best for a mother-to-be to have regular appointments with her OB-Gyne.

  6. this is an info that all pregnant women must know.. because most are not knowledgeable that you could have miscarriage naturally through blighted ovum..

  7. OMG! My sister is 8 weeks pregnant and she has been getting this abdominal pain most of the time. She actually have this appointment with the doctor Saturday, which is later, for follow up consultation. This kind of scares me though coz it's gonn be my first "pamangkin" :(

  8. I am so sorry to hear about your miscarriage :( But at least, you've been blessed with three lovely ones!

    Interesting to read about pregnancy posts as I really have no idea about being a mom... yet. I will definitely consult a doctor at once if I start feeling that something's starting to grow inside my tummy.

  9. i love my OB. Haha! she's also a friend of mine. Everytime I feel something that's not normal or unusual, I always go to her.

  10. This is very informative and its a first-hand experience which makes it even more relevant. I will be happy in sharing this and helping more mothers become aware of what is happening to their body when there is a possibility of conception.

  11. It is always best to consult your doctor to assure you about pregnancy. Though OTC pregnancy test are good help as well aside from being easy on the pocket.

  12. Never heard about blighted ovum. Thanks for this info. I'll send this link to my sis.

  13. Even before pregnancy, doctor's advice must be consulted right?

  14. Hmmmm, most of my contemporaries who have married recently have reported some miscarriages, maybe it's because of blighted ovum. Good thing it usually happens just once for most women.

  15. great info, this a big help for women who are pregnant and has the same problem

  16. Been pregnant thrice and still didn't know the ins and outs about it. It's always best to go visit a doctor once one feels something...especially when there's a delay. Thanks for the input!


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