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Suddenly... I found myself helpless and hopeless. There's an unexpected circumstance that caused me so much stress.  I thought, it's just a joke but what a tearful joke!  I asked my brother's help and told me not to panic yet I couldn't help but worry. Who would not... if something I have created just disappeared before my eyes?
Then I began to search the web on the HOWs and the WHYs but the problem remained lingering on my bare intellect. I know nothing about codes... what do those figures mean? I know nothing about infections that may have been injected on my site. I just know how to read so I've read and followed. Never have I anticipated such content would cause harm on my webpage. Now, it's listed as suspicious without my permission.

I greatly appreciate the kindness of people... acquaintances I just knew by names who unselfishly extend a helping hand. Links were made available to aid possible solutions... links that may clean up the mess and finally remove the warning message.

Because of this unforeseen event, I felt quite frustrated that I 'm not able to access MYE DOMAIN... Readers may not appreciate my blog posts for a while and I hope it will not take any longer.

I have to THINK POSITIVE no matter what. Tomorrow is another day... I hope to see all GREEN in this security report.

Report dated 06 December 2012, 8:15PM


  1. Hey don't be sad. It's okay and believe in youself! We're here to help you! :)


    1. Thank God my site is OK na... back to normal. I would like to thank all those who helped me in solving this malware problem.

  2. nakopow... nangyare din sa akin yan sa self hosted na blog ko.... as in pabalik balik hangang sa na blacklist na ako... buti nalang I may backup ako ng blog ko ayun nag reinstall ako sa server ko... madugo talaga... hay... pero okay nanaman itong blog mo wala nanaman ako nakita na warnings... =)

  3. Sometimes I feel so sad too but let us always think that there is a solution and it is a matter of finding them then later we can learn from it.

  4. ay buti nalang d p nangyayre sa akin ito. sana wag. i think you better consult those it geeks out there. hehe

  5. Bad things do happen when you least expect them for you know pretty well that what you're doing A OK. Anyway it will sooner or later resolve for good.

  6. I'm sure you are already clean by this time. It's really difficult having this malware issues.

  7. It is good to know that your site is listed as green now. My blog got infected too by a malware from nuffnangx but thanks it got resolved immediately.

  8. i'm just glad that everything's alright now... just be careful na lang sa mga installations... Yahweh bless.

  9. It's really sad seeing your hardwork becoming like this. Me, too I'm grateful for those who help even they are only "online acquaintances".

  10. I'm confused... You're problem had something to do with your site getting blacklisted right?


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