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Pacquiao-Marquez BOUT, is All About...


It's all about a fight
a fight of two men for the fourth time.
Both with a name Manuel
who will win this time?
either by decision or knockout
It depends on the actual bout.

The training was over
and weighing was done
Eighth of December came...
the world looked forward for
the most awaited night
of the most awaited fight.

And the championship begun
with the usual anthems of each warrior
MGM Arena was packed with
lights, sounds and people
"Let's get ready to rumble!"
as the famous Buffer's mumble.

The first two rounds favored
the three stars and a sun
But came the third... our champ
was down by a huge overhand
Fourth and fifth saved his grace
until a sudden punch was thrown
straight to his face.

The crowd was shocked
and millions were surprisingly appalled 
when the best pound-for-pound boxer
hit the floor face down...
seemingly unconscious and idle.
He was not saved by the bell.

The DYNAMITE tasted victory
while the PACMAN faced defeat
Though they both fought
to win the belt...
A knockout blow ended the battle
That monster hand hit it well.

Opinions are overflowing
News are flooding the net
Status are shouting out for joy and dismay
and tweets are trending in the web
This is a game of money and fame
win or lose... no one will be left in shame.


  1. Juan Manuel Marquez came with a strategy and patiently waited for the right moment to unleash the dynamite punch.

    1. Either it's a LUCKY or PERFECT punch... the game was over and the winner took the title.

  2. One man focused on a lot of things. Another one focused on one thing the fighter where he wants revenge. This is the difference.

    1. But I don't think that PACMAN was over confident because he fought back hard enough that's why DYNAMITE's face was bleeding profusely.

  3. I never noticed they have the same names until I read your thoughts about them. Poor Jinkee :(

    1. Good for Manny because he has a very supporting wife and family. Of all his fights, this time he shed some tears.

  4. In boxing, sometimes, all it takes is one punch to win the bout. And as boxing analysts said previously, to defeat Manny Pacquiao, his opponent should knock him out. Marquez had both, plus that one second difference.

    1. The remaining time seemed to be an endless 10 seconds. He should have been saved but... the TIMING truly defined the fight.


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