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MMK's Official Episode for World AIDS Day... "Pulang Laso"

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For me, this is one of the BEST of Maalaala Mo Kaya. I was not able to watch the full episode when it aired last December 1. I got a quick glance on the last part and was moved by the story so I have to see it online as soon as I have the chance. When I went to my Mom's house the following day, my sister was already watching it through her laptop connected to the LCD TV. Good to have modern technology... we can make this thing possible.

The story is about two bisexual lovers who found themselves trapped in a situation when only HOPE, UNDERSTANDING and TRUE LOVE will conquer their FEAR of losing and living a future with the illness that caused their relationship to an untimely end.

We were all in tears while the story unfolded. The musical scoring made it more dramatic and deeper. IKAW AT AKO by Johnoy Danao.

Well-acclaimed actors Carlo Aquino and Joem Bascon portray bisexual lovers.
 Kevin (Carlo) and Alan (Joem) are both bisexuals who just met through a casual sex. 
Soon they found themselves falling in love with one another and eventually entered in a relationship.
 Their affair was filled with happiness until they knew that Kevin was infected with HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) and his case was already in
AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) condition. 
Later on, Kevin confessed to Alan that he acquired the virus
because of engaging in casual hook ups with his clients.
What will happen when Alan discover that Kevin infected him with AIDS?
Will their life-threatening disease be more powerful than their love for each other?

Together with Carlo and Joem are Bodjie Pascua, Chanda Romero, 
Toby Alejar, Roeder CamaƱag, Laiza Comia, Kyra Custodio, Miguel Morales, and Leo Rialp.
It was researched by Akeem Jordan Del Rosario, 
written by Benson Logronio, and directed by Nuel C. Naval.


Official trailer

I must say that Joem Bascon and Carlo Aquino superbly characterized their gay roles and their performance made very effective for people to understand that sexual preference is never a  hinder to demonstrate love and affection to somebody.  They showed how two people with the same gender can freely expressed their happiness and innermost emotions. Just wonderful portrayals.

For full episode of this story, please log in or register to iwantv.com


  1. these two guys are really good actors aren't they? nice episode of mmk as always

    1. A very nice come back for Carlo Aquino and a very promising role for Joem Bbascon.

  2. Yeah!!!you've really shared it here,,one of the best story in MMK .I'd already saw that story also..its really nice...especially Carlo Aquino acted a gay ,really great perfomer..

  3. I've seen the trailer of this one and this would really help raise awareness on aids.

  4. i was not able to catch this episode since my little man + i were out that day, it would've been a treat seeing Carlo Aquino on tv after a long time.

  5. Nabitin ako sa Trailer. I wish they could have made it a little longer. This only means I really have to watch this MMK episode. I think this would make also a good movie.

  6. Carlo Aquino has gone to a very fine transition to being a seasoned artist. Although, he's been out of the limelight for quite sometime already. This is a must watch for sure.

  7. Carlo Aquino is such a sensitive actor and Joem Basco has been really flexible in the roles hi plays.

  8. I was not able to watch the show but my colleagues said that it is really good and they watched the show until the end with tears in their swollen eyes.

  9. wow that is really good acting haha! d ko yun kaya. but anyways, Its been a long time since I've seen MML back in Philippines pa. I cant remember any nigh no hindi aq umiyak dhil sa knila bumabaha bahay nmin hehe xx

  10. Aw, I used to watched MMK but not anymore. In fact, I don't watch any ABS-CBN shows anymore. Regarding AIDS, I believe people are living through it. I guess it's not the end of the world specially if they are surrounded with people that love them.

  11. So sad, the good actors are always on the sides, while the non quality some times are on the top.

  12. It's not often that the highly-commercialized entertainment industry inserts a good and important message in one of their shows. I think this is a good gesture on their part. I'm a big supporter of HIV/AIDS awareness here in the Philippines, and efforts from other industries like our TV scene is much appreciated :)

  13. I watched Carlo Aquino on several shows and I can say that he can really act; not familiar with Joem Bascon though. Haven't been watching that much TV, but I hope that this episode highlighted AIDS and HIV and help create awareness

  14. Joem is a fine actor. He can have his own show soon, he deserves it.

  15. A very sensitive topic but well written and handled.

  16. I heard that this episode was a hit among Filipinos,very touching daw. I hope to watch the whole show.

  17. I really like MMK instead of Magpakailanman. Carlo Aquino made me stick to MMK :) I love actors like him

  18. lol.. we are just talking about AIDS awhile ago while hanging out with my friends. i salute the guys who plays a role like that.

  19. i intentionally decided not to watch this episode, and actually, all the MMKs episodes..MMK is always giving me a heavy-heart and cause me to cry even until a day or two after an episode.. perhaps why i opted not to..

  20. A comeback for Carlo Aquino! He's really good on acting ever since. I'm glad he came back on ABS-CBN. :)


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