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Having A Grateful Heart

mye domain's a grateful heart

My sister-in-law often sends me inspiring and motivational messages and this particular quote is truly uplifting.

Nobody has a perfect life... Nobody has everything the world can offer... Nobody can claim that he has nothing but only this much. Sometimes, we tend to seek more than we have in our hands.  We aspire more than what we deserve, It's natural to dream big and reach for the highest peak of success but life may give us otherwise.

We may have the simplest of clothes that others may regard as pieces of rug... worthless, cheap and dirty but for us, they serve as the shield that protect our skin.

We may have foods on the table that others may regard as junks... tasteless, unappetizing and bland but they serve as the blessing that sustain strength in our body.

We may have a small house that others may regard as shanty... hapless, poorly and miserable but it serves as the shelter that harbor us from danger and harm brought by the outside world.

Whatever blessings we enjoy now... whether less or much, we have to be thankful and contented for others may have NOTHING but an empty hand.

"Ang hindi marunong magpasalamat... 
ay walang karapatang tumanggap."


  1. Hi Ms. Marri. You never failed to motivate your readers and as the same, this post is motivating and inspiring as well. Let's all be grateful to our dear Lord and to the people who are/were with us in our ups and downs. :)

  2. It's so true! We just have to be contented of what we have right now. I'm happy with my life and I also feel blessed that I lived in a home with food to eat, water to drink, clothes to wear and a family to love and care.

  3. Kaya let's always be thankful, even for the smallest of things. Because not everyone is blessed with the same things we have. And besides being thankful, we can also do another thing: SHARE.

  4. .. and let us be thankful not just this Christmas season but everyday of our lives. Let's stop comparing and just appreciate and celebrate what God has given us. Love this post!

  5. Many of us often forget the significance and real essence of contentment. By natural law, big things come from small beginning, so it is just rational to be contented of what you have, no matter how small it is, then strive to improve and sustain it.

  6. We can't be thankful if we're not contented and that's a bad thing because we really can't have all that we want in life.

  7. As I often say to myself and to others: "gratitude is powerful" :)

  8. There are people who still find saying thank u difficult for them. I just dont know why. Maybe the way they were brought up or becauuse of their ego, i guess? But when this happens to my friends, i usually reminds them to say thank you.

  9. Perfet article for a perfect month.. This applies very much to Christmas with all the gift-giving and family gatherings. :)


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