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Smiling Fish

Photo taken by my KIKO
Photo taken by my KIKO

A photograph
captured by a little hand.

Do you see
what his lens, caught
in the act?

As he stared at it
amazingly declared...
"Look Mama!"
He pointed at the screen...

"Smiling fish !"

I took a sight, then looked again,
Was it really smiling
or was he just imagining?
His view of things,
may be different from mine...
But when I glanced
at the photograph once more,
I noticed that grin in the fish's face.
Somehow telling me
to believe in what those young
 and innocent eyes perceived.
It doesn't matter how far my mind
can appreciate things
or how my heart accept reality...
  It's how I understand that
even simple things can make me


  1. sometimes we really need to see things like a child does. we'd be happier that way.

    1. If only we can all get back in our childhood and time travel... our eyes will never be as sinful.

  2. That's so cool, reminded of the time I captured a smiling moon.

    1. Smiling moon? That's interesting to see Sir Franc. :)

  3. Interesting! kids often has different perspective. So exciting that your little boy was able to see something in a different way. Indeed the fish is smiling I think after another look.

  4. Nice capture. with children they always have a childish but unique interpretaion of everything they encounter.

  5. Imagination never has a limit especially when you are a kid. I too think that the fish is smiling. :D

  6. Child sees the simplicity of Nature, unlike adults who go for complexity, thus minsan hindi natin nakikita ang obvious things.

  7. Good shot their Ms. Marri, captured moment talaga. Innocent eyes makes LIFE'S wonderful, even small things makes great things.

  8. awww, cute and very observant child. the fish does look smiling :D

  9. It's nice being a kid, having an imagination that's not limited and the world looking like a safe place. Everything brings a smile to their faces :)

  10. yeah,smiling fish talaga. great capture and your son did really see the fish smiling at him.

  11. Oh it is indeed smiling. Kids mind and imagination is beyond imaginable indeed.

  12. Way to go, Kiko! The fish was really smiling :)
    Now don't we miss being kids again?

  13. If fishes could smile, so should we as it would be a lot easier dealing with people when we smile.

  14. well, to me the fish indeed is smiling :)

  15. hahahhaha... yup. your kid is a bright one. I see a great future ahead of him maybe as a world class photographer which something we could be proud of? That's a good sign of showing interest and the spring of the child's gift.

  16. This is how good children are in seeing the more positive things in life.

  17. Children have pretty imaginations. I'd like to believe the fish was really smiling. Nature responds well to those with pure, good intentions.

  18. I look at the picture of the fish and it indeed looks smiling. ^_^ Kids simply say what they exactly say, it's a fact.

  19. photographer in the making si Kiko :) lovely capture :)

  20. it is smiling...hahahaha. this is a good observation.


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