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Future Generations

The need to provide, guide, support, teach, understand, limit, reward, recognize, care about and love unconditionally our children is very essential for them to be the BEST person they can be. The future lies in their very hands. Our home and society play a vital role in bringing up a healthy, productive and spiritual human race.

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Be proud of your abilities. 
People may be judgmental and 
oftentimes critical but nobody 
can underestimate what you can 
do to prove your worth.

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Kids with their young age 
maybe fickle minded but as they grow
they somehow learn to see things 
on a brighter perspective. 
They will eventually know the difference 
between a road that is crooked 
and a path that is straight.

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Authority over our children 
should prevail but there are times
 that we have to ignore some
 little flaws to maintain our 

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Let's protect our children
 from the harmful consequences of 
a liberated environment.
In this day and age...
they can be left wild and carefree.
Their eyes may see 
obscene world but they should 
perceive righteousness.

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"Our future lies in dreams we make today and the determination 
of bringing them to life."


  1. I all too often lose my temper when my kid does something which doesn't rub me the right way. I like what you said, about ignoring the little nuisances, just so I could keep my sanity intact.

  2. The childhood is a critical stage so proper guidance is a must in order for a child to be responsible in his/her life. Learn as much as possible. =)

  3. "The future lies on our children" an adage or simply an old taught that I find very amusing. To me, it is the patriarch (elders, leaders, parents) that shape a (society, organization, family) success or future -- children are only groomed to continue the legacy; good or bad.

  4. This is one of my concerns as a parent, how to protect my kids against this increasingly liberated environment. This is such a struggle for me as every day they are exposed to modern technology.

  5. Children, indeed, hold the future. I worry about the increasing number of stray children in the streets. I do hope they get sheltered and given proper attention and care. Then the future will be much brighter.

  6. Agree, our kids are most often innocent with the things around them. My wish is to be forever at his side so I can protect and guide him always.

  7. kids these days are so exposed to a lot of things and sometimes can no longer keep up with it... however, the future of these kids still rely on the parent's upbringing..

  8. Our homes really play a very vital role in molding the future of our kids.


  9. They grow up with overwhelming sources of learning on various things. And that make them our window to a unique future ahead. Whatever technology they may use, parents guidance should always be ensured.

  10. In the US there is called online detox for kids I wonder when will this hit us.

  11. Proper guidance and support of the parents is all the best way to help kids develop self-confidence.

  12. Pretty much good guide to children having critical crisis regarding his well-being, le me say .. I have this kind of problem, such words of wisdom might be helpful at some point and feels quite relieve about how authority criticize my mental capacity before it was then I realize everything has a purpose isn't for me that road I had wish to take just take it for my parent's sake rather than what I really wanted :)

  13. Cant wait to see my future generations too. Maybe it's not my time . I learn a lot on my childhood Days

  14. I am always inspired by this quotation by Ellen John Sirleaf "If your dreams doesn't scare, then they are not big enough".. I always believed that all success comes from humble beginnings.. it's just a matter of hardwork and perseverance.. :)


    - Justin -
    The World According To Me

  15. We really need to see that our future generations into a really bright future and not to turn their great talents into waste.

  16. Indeed.. future lies still in our hands as parents. We will be the one who will bring up the kids who are then the future.

  17. I realize that my children are not me. Whatever decision they will make I hope it is for the better. I am afraid in the future they would experience hurt and pain. No parents wanted their children to suffer that.

  18. Parents role in building the character of their children especially in their formative years are critical, this is where the children’s values and character is being developed that would lead to what they would become in the future.

  19. If we, parents, will just continue to open the lines of communication with our children.. I believe, we've just prepared a good future for them.

  20. Kids needs good guidance from us parents. We can't fully control their life but we can guide them to have a good life.

  21. our children needs our guidance as they grow... but above of all, the best way is to be role models to them... and teaching them to follow and have faith to our Lord, nothing beats that. Yahweh bless.


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