Future Generations

The need to provide, guide, support, teach, understand, limit, reward, recognize, care about and love unconditionally our children is very essential for them to be the BEST person they can be. The future lies in their very hands. Our home and society play a vital role in bringing up a healthy, productive and spiritual human race.

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Miles Away from You

It's my sister's birthday today and I want to share this poem to her because I know how much she misses her husband who works in a cruise ship. Every year, they have to be away from each other. Every year, special occasions like birthdays are missed so, whenever he's home... they find quality time together... they take advantage of his short vacation... For years now, being apart is longer than being together.

The future is promising
And blessings are abundant
Working hard to provide
Even it means being away... miles away from home.

Charlie and Mahlen with Clarence at HK Disneyland
Charlie and Mahlen with Clarence at HK Disneyland

Life Quotes by Simplymarrimye

A graceful flight of life is like a butterfly 
spreading its wings to explore the boundless beauty 
of nature and its surrounding habitat.

How Do you Treat Your Househelp?

Kiko's first ever drawing without any help from anybody
Kiko's first ever drawing without any help from anybody

When kids learn to scribble or doodle, they start to show signs of intellectual capacities and through making marks on paper, they somehow recognize reality. Their imagination and creativity may manifest in their drawings and this stage in their development will give them freedom to express their inner self. How they feel about something and how they interact with the people around them are critical factors that may influence their normal growth as they age.

Special Kids with Special Needs are God's Greatest Gift

Every little child has own uniqueness
His eyes are glowing like gems
His skin is like a smooth petal
His smile is like angel's face
Everywhere is a paradise
When Mother's heart sees
the joy
of her
C H I L D.

Clarence with his Papa Charlie (top-left) and Mama Mahlen (top-right)
Clarence with his Papa Charlie (top-left) and Mama Mahlen (top-right)

Smiling Fish

Photo taken by my KIKO
Photo taken by my KIKO

A photograph
captured by a little hand.

Do you see
what his lens, caught
in the act?

As he stared at it
amazingly declared...
"Look Mama!"
He pointed at the screen...

"Smiling fish !"

Her 17th Birthday

Aya when she was barely a month old
Aya when she was barely a month old
Back in February 5, 1995, I was rushed to Garcia General Hospital because of abdominal cramps and continuous bleeding. "Oh my God!" I uttered in silence. I couldn't believe that I was in ER and a male doctor immediately provided initial examinations on me. The attending physician told my husband that I had to undergo a surgical procedure called D & C or Dilation and Curettage because of the abnormal uterine bleeding that I was experiencing. So the operation was carried out as recommended but with my husband's doleful consent.

I was put in general anesthesia and after few hours I woke up lying on that hospital bed with my husband at my side. We lost our first "gem" and it was such a heartbreaking event in our marriage. But I know that everything happens for a reason. Our desire to have another child would come in due time.

The doctor advised me to take full rest after that medical procedure to avoid possible complications. But after a month of recuperation, I had that same pain again. I went to see my OB-GYNE and surprisingly, the result of my laboratory test showed a "positive" result. "Oh my God!" I broke down with tears in my eyes.

Sometimes LOVE Just Ain't Enough...

LOVE has been my favorite topic ever since I started blogging aside from of course, talking about my family and how I go through LIFE being a wife, mother, daughter, sister, etcetera... etcetera...

Who would never care to read any article or post that tackles about this four-letter word with a million and more definitions? You can label me as a hopeless romantic or maybe a more appropriate term..."corny" as many would call it. 

When I finally met my husband and eventually tied the knot with him, I realized that we should not seek for love for it is love that will find us.


"Rain... rain go away
Come again another day.
Little children want to play
Rain... rain go away..."
In the eyes of a child, life is as
easy as 1, 2, 3... They never mind what tomorrow may bring. Being free is what makes them happy. They just want to play and have fun.

"Blame it on the rain. Blame it on the stars. Whatever you do. Don't put the blame on you..."
You don't have to feel guilty if things unfold beyond your means. If you feel like all your efforts are put into waste and everything you've labored do not favor others.. Don't be saddened. If you've done your best... Let GOD, do the rest.

Beauty is Only Skin Deep

Image from the web

 We may have the most beautiful face
with the best pair of eyes like precious sparkling diamonds
yet they underestimate somebody's character.

We may have the most beautiful face
with that perfectly shaped nose possessing a great profile 
yet it hates the smell of poor people in the streets.